7 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Backyard for Warm Weather

Summer is coming, and your backyard should be ready to host you and your family for barbecues, parties, and swimming pool fun. It may be in bad shape, especially after a long and freezing winter.

  1. Prepare Your Soil

For your plants or grass to flourish during the upcoming warm season, they need to find well-aerated, nourished soil. Apply fertilizer on the ground to replace the nutrients that were depleted by the harsh winter weather. Next, you should aerate the soil through some kind of manual process. During winter, the soil tends to become compacted due to the cold weather. Manually aerating the soil also helps the fertilizer seep through the soil perfectly.

  1. Install A Retractable Awning

Besides protecting your yard furniture from sun damage, a quality retractable awning can save you money in terms of electricity bills. It does this by providing a cooling shade in your home, lessening the burden on the AC. Moreover, you will need it for those hot summer days when you want to enjoy a cold refreshment outside.

  1. Groom Your Lawn

Turfing, trimming, and sowing your lawn is best done in warmer weather. Your lawn plants need this special care after a long and harsh winter. Prepare the ground by removing weeds and balancing the soil texture using sand soil (if your lawn has clay soil.) Next, you can sow any new plants or seeds you hope to have in the summer. After planting, take the time to deeply water your lawn, especially early morning or late evening.

  1. Prepare For Warm-Weather Pests

Ants, spiders, mosquitoes, and aphids love to come around during the warm weather. Prepare in advance by getting rid of any old, empty flower pots, draining any stagnant water around your house, planting pest-repellent herbs, and sealing up any cracks and holes in your walls. If possible, hire a professional pest control company to treat your backyard. They can do a better job inspecting, treating, and reinforcing your backyard against annoying summer pests.

  1. Protect Your Yard From Damage

Most likely, you will have people walking all over your grass, or neighborhood kids and pets sneaking through your fence. You can carve out a specific footpath, outdoor sitting, and dining area if you don’t already have one. Do this by tilling and adding gravel or cement slabs to your desired section. Also, you can make sure you have a strong, thoroughly sealed fence to protect your backyard from infiltration by outsiders.

  1. Update the Yard Furniture

If you have yard furniture already, prepare for the warm weather by washing the seat covers, wiping down the furniture, and making necessary repairs or replacements. Also, ensure your grill is barbecue-ready by giving it a good scrub. Pressure washing your patio and balconies is a great idea because it will make the surfaces look brand new.

  1. Prepare Your Gardening Equipment

If your backyard will be dedicated to vegetable gardening, now is the best time to ensure the hoes, shovels, picks, and other tools are sharpened and well organized. Replace the tools that have become too rusty or are broken. You can also take this time to plan your garden in terms of plant arrangement and bedding placement.

Summers are much more fun when spent outdoors in the warm sunshine. Your backyard has to be prepared so that you get the best out of the warm season ahead.



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