8 Questions to Ask When Speaking to a Workers’ Comp Attorney

When dealing with a workers’ compensation matter, having the correct information can make all the difference. As a result, it is important to ask the right questions when speaking to a workers’ compensation attorney. The specific questions you should ask may vary depending on your individual needs and the laws of your particular state.

However, there are some general questions that you should ask no matter what your circumstances. By asking the right questions, you can increase the chances of receiving the best possible outcome for your workers’ comp case. Here are 8 important questions when speaking to a workers’ comp attorney.

1. Who Do You Feel is Responsible for My Injury?

The worker’s comp attorney can evaluate the story of your injury to identify who is potentially liable for your injury. Depending on the circumstances, it may be a negligent coworker, faulty manufacturing, or a negligent building owner, and it is important to gather evidence to support the claim.

2. How Should I Handle This Case Moving Forward?

Seek medical attention first, report the injury/illness to your employer, gather all medical documents, then hire an attorney and ask for their direction to handle the case moving forward. Your attorney should be able to manage communication with insurance and oversee your case.

3. Do You Have Experience in Workers’ Comp Cases?

Experience is important when considering an attorney for a workers’ comp case. Ask the attorney if they have a specific experience in workers’ comp cases. Be sure to inquire about their success rate and how long they have represented clients in similar situations.

4. Will You Be Working With Me Directly?

When you speak to a workers’ comp attorney, ask if they’ll work with you directly. You’d like them to handle most of the workload on your case rather than delegate tasks to interns or associates. It’s up to you if you are comfortable with others in their office helping, so make sure to ask.

5. Does My Accident Qualify for Workers’ Comp?

If unsure if your injury or accident qualifies for workers’ compensation, you should ask the workers’ comp lawyer. Common workplace accidents, such as slips and falls, overexertion, repetitive motion injuries, and motor vehicle accidents, typically qualify. Workers’ compensation-related injuries and illnesses include broken bones, airborne diseases, torn ligaments, and spinal injuries.

6. What is Your Success Rate?

When speaking to a workers’ comp attorney, be sure to ask what their success rate is. Look for someone with a success rate of at least 70%, and ask them to tell you about their most successful cases and what made them successful. This will help you gain confidence in their skills and instructions for your case.

7. How Will You Prioritize My Recovery?

It would help to ask your workers’ comp attorney how they plan to prioritize your recovery while representing you. Encountering an injury could require immediate and long-term medical attention, so your attorney should advise you on balancing your medical needs with their case best. Additionally, consider looking into pre-settlement funding to help cover medical expenses during the claim.

8. How Can I Keep in Contact With You?

When speaking to a workers’ comp attorney, it’s important to ask about communication. Find out their preferred contact methods, such as phone calls, email, text messaging, etc. Also, inquire about how to reach out when you have a question. This is an important part of maintaining a strong attorney-client relationship.



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