7 Ways to Add Your Own Style to a New Construction Home

Purchasing a new home is a major step, and one of the most important financial decisions most people make. Purchasing a new construction home is an extremely appealing option to many home buyers, as these homes often don’t come with the possible problems and unexpected surprises from older homes that may require tens of thousands of dollars in upgrades that may not be known at the time of purchase.

New construction homes often also allow the buyer to make a variety of decisions regarding customization on features like finishes, paint colors, and hardware, though they often do follow one of a limited number of layout designs, which can make them feel a bit “cookie cutter” and bland. The following tips can help new construction homeowners put their own style on their homes.

1) Use Customization Options

As mentioned, taking advantage of customization options that are offered by the builder is one of the easiest ways to make a new construction home feel like your own. Don’t be afraid to go a little out of the box to ensure the home reflects who you are. Unfortunately, sometimes these customizations can come with a higher price tag that not everyone can afford.

2) Paint Your House

Though many new construction homes come in communities that have restrictions on things like outdoor decor and paint color, if you are able to express yourself outside of the home, this can help make your home stand out. Different paint colors on small parts of the property, such as the door or the shutters can add tiny pops of individuality. A focal point for outdoor decor or landscaping can really make your house feel like your own.

3) Use One-of-a-Kind Decor

Unique and interesting decor can definitely be a great way to add self-expression to your home. Try to think of one specific piece for each room that really stands out and is a reflection of your own individual style.

4) Use Colors You Like

Don’t be afraid to choose color palettes that you enjoy, and don’t just stick to safe neutral colors that are often the default “safe” options.

5) Look for TImeless Pieces

When it comes to selecting furniture and decor, don’t feel like you need to follow the trends that are taking up space in every other home on the block. Trends come and go; choose items that are functional, high quality, and reflective of your own individual personality. By filling your home with these sorts of pieces, they will last the test of time instead of just needing to be replaced as soon as they’re no longer popular.

6) Work With Professionals

Speak with a professional if you feel overwhelmed. Many resources can provide new construction owners with a variety of advice on how to add your own style to your home, no matter what your budget.

7) Don’t Let Others Sway Your Decision

Prioritize your own preference and style. Ultimately, your happiness in your own home is the most important thing. Don’t get overly concerned about what other people think. Don’t sacrifice your own preferences for what is trendy or considered popular. Make sure your home is truly what you want and enjoy the many years to come in your new construction home.



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