Clinton impeachment lawyer dies at 76 — Analysis

Ken Starr inquired into high-profile misconduct accusations against President Obama, which included a infamous sex scam

According to his family, Ken Starr was the lawyer who conducted major investigations on former President Bill Clinton that ultimately resulted in his impeachment. 

Starr, who was 83 years old, died on Tuesday in Houston’s Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center. “complications from surgery,”A statement was made by his relatives, which highlighted his long career as an educator, judge, and lawyer. 

The attorney is best known for his role investigating the Clintons, first appointed as independent counsel in 1994 to probe questionable real estate investments made by both Bill and Hillary Clinton during the former’s tenure as the governor of Arkansas, dubbed the ‘Whitewater scandal.’ That investigation later widened into several other areas, including Clinton’s extramarital affair with 24-year-old White House intern Monica Lewinsky, as well as the mysterious death of deputy White House counsel Vince Foster, who was ultimately ruled to have committed suicide at Virginia’s Fort Marcy Park. 

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Those probes would culminate in the ‘Starr Report,’ issued in September of 1998, which outlined a total of 11 impeachable offenses by Clinton, among them perjury, abuse of power, witness tampering and obstruction of justice, all of which were related to the Lewinsky affair and the president’s conduct during the scandal.

The allegations made in the report resulted in Clinton’s 1998 impeachment, though lawmakers ultimately opted to bring only two articles for lying under oath and obstruction of justice. After a Senate trial, the president was cleared of both charges. He was therefore not expelled from office.

Lewinsky weighed in on the attorney’s passing in a Twitter post, saying “my thoughts about Ken Starr bring up complicated feelings… but of more importance, is that I imagine it’s a painful loss for those who love him.”

Later in life, Starr also made headlines after serving on the defense team of former President Donald Trump during his own impeachment trial in 2020, when he was accused of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress after allegedly pressuring Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky into a fraudulent investigation against Trump’s electoral rival at the time, Joe Biden. Like Clinton, however, Trump was acquitted by the Senate and completed his term – despite a second, equally unsuccessful impeachment effort launched in 2021.

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