7 Steps to Take After Spotting Mold in Your House

Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary where your family can relax and unwind. However, if you spot mold in your house, there are steps you need to take. These are necessary to minimize and contain any damage while hopefully reversing the situation.

1. Identify the Kind of Mold

Take pictures of the mold as much as you can, and use them to try and identify what kind of mold it is. That can help you look up the best DIY methods of trying to clean it up or at least slow down the growth to contain the situation.

2. Clean It Up

Many kinds of mold can be cleaned up with a simple DIY solution of water, soap, and bleach. However, you might also damage surfaces that have mold growing on them if you apply something too harsh.

3. Check Objects for Any Growth

It might not always be various surfaces in your home that are where the mold is growing. Check standalone physical objects in your home to see if they are homes for any mold growth. Dispose of them, or have them professionally cleaned outside of the home before you bring them back into your home.

4. Find the Cause

Identifying the cause of mold growth is crucial to stopping it from coming back. You can do a certain amount of detective work about this on your own, but you will likely need to get professional assistance in this matter sooner rather than later.

5. Contact a Service

No matter how effective your own DIY cleaning techniques might seem, mold is not something to play around with. Contact mold remediation and removal services to come in and handle the situation professionally. A team of property restoration specialists is trained, skilled, and experienced in handling such matters and can advise you on your best options on fixing the immediate mold problem and preventing it from happening in the future.

6. Talk to Your Doctor

Even if the mold situation seems minor or happened in a part of the home that people don’t usually go into, have everyone checked out by your family physician. Hopefully, no one is sick from it, but the sooner your doctor knows about the potential situation, the better they can diagnose and treat everyone who needs it.

7. Get a Final Inspection

After you’ve made sure everyone is healthy and your home has been cleaned up as much as possible, arrange for a mold professional to come and do a final, thorough inspection of your home. You need to make sure that the situation is done with and over to restore your peace of mind.

The longer a mold situation is allowed to fester, the more damage it can do to your home and the more harm it can bring to those around you. When you spot mold in your house, respond to it promptly to contain the situation and restore the sanctity of your home.



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