7 Exciting Ideas for Celebrating Galentine’s Day With Friends

Galentine’s day is the perfect excuse to take your best friend on a date. With our Valentine’s Day guide, you can avoid awkwardness with these seven fun ideas for a Galentine’s Day celebration.

1. The Breakfast Club

Start the day at a cozy diner. Hunker down with some breakfast and go over your plans for the rest of the day. Having some ideas in mind for your Galentine’s Day activities is a good idea.  This is an excellent start to the day, and you don’t want to waste it with the wrong moves.  It will be your first chance to focus on having fun together and avoid awkwardness or anxiety. 

2. Go Bowling

Another fun option is to go bowling.  You can enjoy a night of bowling on Galentine’s Day with some great friends! Choose your spot, grab a group of six or more, and head into the lanes.    

3. Go Shopping

Some girls like to shop on Galentine’s Day; if that’s the case, they can head to the mall and enjoy some time together while they find new outfits and new friends.  If you’re not into shopping, you can browse the mall and enjoy time with your gal pals.  Have fun trying on new outfits, laughing as you try on a few more ridiculous outfits, and picking out some new ones to try on at home.  

4. Rent a Party Bike

If you have a large group of girls, renting a party bike is another fun option. Rent the bike for the day or the night; this will give you a lot of fun with friends, and you can work out together.  Keep things interesting by having wine or beer on the bike, then head to your favorite restaurant for dinner.

5.  Eat a Picnic

If your group is big enough, you could head to the park and eat a picnic.  Many different restaurants in the area would be happy to accommodate your group.  You can have an excellent time eating and drinking as you chat about anything you want; nothing but talking and laughing, for sure!  This is another perfect way to spend time with friends and enjoy laughs.

6. See a Movie

This is an easy choice if you have a group of girls who enjoy watching movies. Check what’s in the movie theater, and you can decide on your movie.  Your girls will likely have fun, and it’s an excellent way to spend time together without doing much work.  If it’s cold outside, you can opt for a movie night at a friend’s house – just like old times!

7. Go Somewhere Fancy

Another idea is to book something fancy for the day.  A spa or hair salon appointment is a great way to spend time with friends.  You can check out a few different places and make a plan for who will sit back and relax, who will work on their hair, and who will also be in charge of picking out some new clothes for the day.  This is a great day to enjoy each other’s company without worrying about anyone messing up or leaving early.



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