7 Creative Ideas How To Organize Your Jewelry

Your precious, expensive jewelry needs special storage to keep it safe. As it is your collection, make sure that you won’t just toss all your bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings into a pile. And since it comes in different sizes and shapes, you might need to arrange and store it separately. For instance, keep the long necklaces in one box or compartment and your stud earrings in another.

It is better to store jewelry near to where you dressed in the morning, regardless of whether that is in a bedroom, walk-in closet, or washroom. This will help to quick prep in the morning by allowing you to choose an outfit and accessories in a similar spot. Depending on accessible space, you can put your jewelry collections on a dresser or counter, hang them on the back of your door, or place it on a divider. Or you can pick where to place your jewelry with these ten jewelry storage ideas we will be sharing with you. To know more, check this out!

Store similar pieces of jewelry in one box

You may read many jewelry storage ideas either on the magazine or the internet today, but there’s nothing compared to simply storing your jewelry according to its classification. For example, you can put in one jewelry box all of your big statement earrings. Or if you have accessories with a similar style, then you can keep them together. This way, it will be simpler and easier for you to access and get what you want to pair with your outfit for that day. There is no need to look for an expensive jewelry box; you can always opt for vintage boxes and simply place them in a place you prefer.

Pick a drawer you prepare to store your jewelry

Yes, you can place your jewelry wherever you want it easily accessible, but keeping it inside a drawer will look more organized. For sure, you don’t want to put your jewelry on a tabletop as it would make your room look too cluttered. It is unnecessary to purchase a new drawer to be jewelry storage. All you need to do is reorganize your dresser and make room for your new jewelry setup.

Use a creative ring dish

To add a little decor piece to your table, you can place a fun ring dish where you can also conveniently keep your rings. If you have some artistic talent within you, you can easily make a ring dish out of clay in any color, shape, and style you like. Putting more than one ring holder around your house where you need it most can avoid misplacing your ring. You can place it in the bathroom, on your bedroom nightstand, and even in the kitchen sink. Display all the rings that should have a special place in your space. And the ones that don’t you can always sell to a reputable gold dealer.

Hang pieces of jewelry from chains and hooks

Sometimes, it’s hard to look for a store-bought jewelry organizer to hold your entire collection of costume pieces of jewelry or long necklaces. To solve this problem, why not consider hanging your collection out in the open area, turning it as wall art or inside your closet where you can hide it, or hanging it at the back of your door? 

You can simply screw a thin strip of wood into the wall, attach small hooks to the wood based on how many you need, and then hang your necklaces and bracelets. For your earrings, you can also put a thick chain to the wall where you can hook your earrings through them.

Create an industrial pipe jewelry display

In creating an industrial-style jewelry organizer, a pipe is one of the excellent materials you can use to make one. Plus, how sturdy this material makes it more ideal to use in hanging your chunky bracelets and necklaces. Another upside is pipes come with a budget-friendly price and a lot of size and variety where you can pick from, making it so accessible to find what you like.

Why not consider using a black pipe to create your jewelry pop, as it can match almost all jewelry pieces? You can screw the piping to a concrete block of wood that serves as your base to make it. Then, it would be best if you constructed a T shape out of these pipes.

Turn a tiered dish into a jewelry stand

Considering a tiered jewelry dish to display the jewelry and accessories you often use is another good option. One upside of using a dish is you don’t need to stress out where to hang your jewelry. All you have to do is just toss it on the dish, and it will still appear as if you have intentionally organized it.

Create a simple wooden block jewelry holder

Some jewelry storage is more aesthetic that sometimes it has stolen the beauty and appeal of jewelry itself. So if you want your accessories to be the star whenever displaying it, make sure to look for storage that is simple as possible. Having a clean and modern jewelry holder doesn’t need to be expensive. You can always use a wooden block and a brass dowel to create it. Once you finish making a wooden block jewelry storage, it will always look like a high-end and pricey product.

In a Nutshell

You most likely need a jewelry storage box if your accessories are always in a knotted pile or if you are constantly losing your earring backs and necklace’s beads. It’s now the perfect time to untangle that heap and store your pieces of jewelry in an orderly style. There are even so many jewelry storage solutions accessible today to help you keep displaying your precious, beautiful accessories as an extra decoration at home whenever you’re not using them. You can always find an aesthetic, useful storage option without spending too much. Likewise, you can use and follow the seven simple yet creative ideas we have listed above on how to organize and display your jewelry collections and accessories.



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