Rose Gold is a Popular Color for Engagement Rings in 2020

Deciding on an engagement ring is an important decision. While there are numerous options for diamond rings including the cut, clarity, color, and more, it is important for people to think about the band as well. Everyone has a tendency to gravitate toward things that are pretty and shiny. That is why everyone places a lot of time and effort into finding a ring that is right for them. When taking a look at engagement ring trends for 2020, a few common themes are going to rise to the surface. For example, the emerald cut is popular once again. Some jewelers even think this cut is going to be the most popular option in 2020. Another popular trend is the return of rose gold.

For the past few years, jewelers have been noting that brides are looking for alternatives to the traditional metals that are used to frame the gorgeous diamond gemstone. The two most popular options have been white gold and platinum. Now, rose gold might be in a position to dethrone them.

There are a number of reasons why brides are looking at rose gold for engagement rings. First, rose gold has a pale pink color. Therefore, like white gold and diamond, the color of the ring is not going to detract from the shine and brilliance of the stone on top. Second, rose gold also pairs well with numerous other fashion pieces that a bride might wear. This even includes the yellow gold items that women wear regularly. Because many brides think about how their engagement ring is going to look not only on their wedding day but also in the future, how well it pairs with other accessories is going to play a major role. Finally, rose gold is also popular because it goes well with nearly every skin tone. When someone looks down at the engagement ring, they want it to look nice against the backdrop of their skin tone. The versatility of rose gold makes it popular for this reason as well.

With the well-noted rise of mixed metal stacking in wedding sets, rose gold is only going to become even more popular. For those who might not know, mixed metal stacking is the practice of mixing the colors of the ring and wedding band to create a unique and personalized look. Therefore, a bride might choose to go with white gold for the band and rose gold for the engagement ring itself.

Rose gold used to be a popular option decades ago. Now, it appears that this versatile metal is making a comeback. It will be exciting to see what type of trends in engagement rings and jewelry define 2020 and the rest of the decade.


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