6 Tips for Finding Ensemble Outfits for a Holiday Choir Concert

The holiday season is a time for festive choir concerts and celebrations. Choosing the right ensemble outfit can make or break an entire choir performance if the wardrobe is inappropriate.

There are many considerations to choosing the best outfit for your next choir performance that will impress the audience and reflect the choir’s style. Here are the top six tips for choosing the perfect ensemble outfit for a holiday choir concert.

1- Determine Appropriate Style for Different Occasions

It can be overwhelming to plan a holiday choir concert outfit since this type of wardrobe has different considerations than usual. Start by determining the appropriate clothing style based on the occasion to help you narrow down your options. If the choir concert is formal, choose long dress styles and formalwear. For casual concerts such as an outdoor setting or afternoon show, mid-length or tea-length dresses that cut above the ankle but below the calf are appropriate. If your choir will be performing a contemporary show such as a cappella, you can choose more modern styles that are polished and chic.

2- Consider the Choir’s Aesthetic

Think about the choir’s aesthetic and visual brand identity when choosing the perfect holiday choir outfit. This will give consistency to each performance to showcase the choir’s unique personality. Choose an ensemble style to fit both the performance and the choir, whether the group is traditional, contemporary, or sophisticated.

3- Think About Comfort and Adjustability

An important factor in finding the best ensemble outfits for a holiday choir concert is the comfort and adjustability of the clothing. Choir members must be comfortable in the outfit they’ll be performing in to give their best show. Choose a comfortable cut and fit for the clothing that doesn’t restrict the performer’s movement, soft clothing materials, and adjustable elements such as multiple button holes to loosen or tighten the clothing.

4- Factor in Dress Length

The appropriate dress length shows professionalism to the venue and performance. Choosing a dress length is based on the type of show and venue. The more formal the holiday choir concert, the longer the dress length. For example, formal concerts call for floor-length dresses. If you’re unsure of the appropriate dress length for your upcoming holiday choir concert, ankle-length or tea-length that sits anywhere below the calf is a safe option for most circumstances.

5- Don’t Forget the Accessories

Accessories can make or break an entire choir ensemble outfit. Choose accessories that will flatter the performer and outfit without overwhelming. Belts, sashes, bows, and hair accessories can add extra style without going overboard. Less is also more when it comes to accessories, so take away some accessories if you’re in doubt.

6- Reuse the Outfits for Future Concerts

If you’re looking to be cost-effective in the long term, choose ensemble outfits that can be reused over multiple holiday choir concerts or multiple seasons. For example, choose neutral-colored dresses over colorful options, or dresses with detachable sleeves to go from formal to casual settings. Versatile outfits can be reused and made fresh with different accessories for each concert.

Performing in a holiday choir concert is exciting and memorable. Choosing the perfect ensemble outfit for your next concert that reflects your choir’s personality and reflects the performance is key to ensuring you create the perfect ensemble outfit.



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