6 Great Ideas for Planning a Memorable Guys Weekend

Guys weekends are a ton of fun. Sometimes you just need to plan something exciting, gather your closest guy friends, and have a carefree weekend to not worry about life’s stresses and problems. Whether you’re planning to have one of these fun weekends for a special occasion, such as a bachelor party or birthday, or you and your friends are just in need of some male bonding time, there are a lot of ways you can make the most of your guys weekend.

1. Charter Fishing Trip

Charter fishing trips are great, because they’re a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement. These guided fishing trips not only allow you and your guy friends to spend some quality time relaxing out on the lake or river, but they also offer you the thrill of going fishing in a new, beautiful place. To get the most out of your trip, you can use the help of a company that plans these fishing excursions, and they’ll help you make sure that the expedition goes smoothly and creates an awesome memory.

2. Go Camping

Odds are, you’ve got at least a few guy friends that love experiencing the great outdoors and getting closer to nature. For your guys weekend, why not invite those friends out on a camping trip? While out in the wilderness you can enjoy having a few beers around the campfire, making s’mores, going on hikes, and taking part in numerous outdoor activities.

3. Attend Sporting Events

Depending on what city you live in and which weekend you choose, you should be able to find a weekend that has two or three different major sporting events going on in the area. You could plan to go to a baseball, basketball, or hockey game on Saturday, grab a few drinks or do something else fun that evening, and then go to a football game on Sunday.

4. Go ATV Riding

If you’ve never been off-roading on an ATV, you’re missing out on an incredibly fun experience. You and your friends can rent a few of these vehicles for a day or a weekend, take them out in an off-roading area, and have the time of your lives. Make sure to stay safe and wear the proper gear, as you don’t want any injuries spoiling your guys weekend.

5. Golfing

If you’re inclined towards more of a laid-back, relaxing weekend, a golfing trip may just be perfect. You and your guy friends can rent a couple of golf carts and cruise around the course while playing the fun, leisurely game. This is a great guys weekend idea for guys of any age group and will allow you to relax and socialize the entire time.

6. Go to Vegas

If you’re looking for a really crazy guys weekend and have some money to spend, why not take a flight to Las Vegas and party all weekend? You and your friends can gamble, see some shows, and walk the iconic strip. And remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! There’s a reason that the city is a classic destination for guys trips, and it’s worth experiencing at least once in your life.



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