6 Benefits of Having an Onsite Health Clinic at Your Office

Establishing an onsite health clinic at your workplace may sound like an unnecessary undertaking that offers little value to your business. But research suggests otherwise. 54% of employers provide onsite clinics, and that number continues to rise. That means incorporating an onsite clinic at your office is a smart investment.

Although it will cost you money to build the facility, its returns are worth every penny you spend. Plus, it can benefit your company by reducing illness rates, reducing the cost of healthcare spending, and boost employees’ morale. With that in mind, here are six benefits of building an onsite health clinic at your workplace.

Reduces the Cost of Healthcare Spend

Most corporations spend a significant amount of money on healthcare expenses. Establishing an onsite clinic can help your business save money in various ways, including improve retention, minimize absenteeism, strategic referral patterns, and prevent advanced diseases. It will also give your workers a better understanding of the medical and healthcare system.

Identify Diseases Earlier

Building an onsite health clinic at your workplace can help eliminate barriers facing employees in receiving proper care. It offers convenience and allows for earlier identification for potential health complications and intervention of chronic illnesses. Furthermore, employees often require biometric screening as part of their health benefit policies.

They can promote compliance by undergoing preventive screening within their workplace. By now, about 77 percent provide biometric screening, and the most advanced ones employ integrated data to facilitate earlier disease identification. This is important as it allows the clinic to work closely with those at high risk of developing severe health problems like diabetes and heart diseases.

Convenient Access to Quality Care

Having good health is the key to leading a happy and satisfying life. However, being able to access the best care can be challenging and full of barriers. Obstacles such as high cost, lack of time, and lack of proper understanding of benefits plans, can get in the way.

As a result, employees will miss out on vital preventive care, flood emergency rooms and let chronic conditions go uncontrolled. Onsite clinics can transform this experience. Caregivers attend to fewer patients, meaning employees don’t have to wait for a long time to schedule appointments.

Boost Productivity

Onsite clinics will improve employee productivity by allowing them to plan treatments that suit their schedules. This offers convenience and eliminates the need for several medical visits to medical facilities. Easy access to medical care also helps reduce absenteeism, reduce work-related injuries, and prevent disability claims.

Employee Retention

Establishing an onsite health clinic can help retain employees. As an employer, you can hire and retain the best talent by providing unmatched and competitive health benefits to your team. According to the Glassdoor Employment Confidence Survey, nearly 80 percent of employees would gladly choose additional benefits, specifically healthcare, over a pay rise.

Empower Employees to Manage Chronic Conditions

Approximately 85% of medical expenses can be associated with chronic conditions. Besides screening, testing, and helping employees manage fever, onsite clinics can help identify and diagnose chronic diseases. Physicians and clinicians work closely with employees to regulate and reduce the risk of developing other complications.

Further, helping employees regulate chronic conditions can lead to massive savings. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that a one percent annual reduction in the level of blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, and glucose, save close to $83 – $103 medical costs per patient yearly.

Onsite health clinics can be an excellent investment for employers. It helps provide employees with convenient, quick, and low-cost healthcare solutions. Incorporating an onsite clinic in your business can offer you several benefits; the six mentioned above are just a few.



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