5 Smart Reasons to Have Your Jewelry Professionally Cleaned

One of the most overlooked jewelry pieces is often the most important one: your jewelry cleaner. From day to day, our necklaces, bracelets, and watches are exposed to sweat, skin oils, and lotions that can tarnish their metal surfaces. When this buildup occurs, regular washing with soap and water may not be enough to remove the grime. That’s why it’s so important to have your favorite pieces cleaned by an expert every once in a while. You may already know the importance of a jewelry cleaner, but you may be wondering why you should spend extra money having your pieces professionally cleaned by an expert when you can clean them yourself? Here are five reasons to have your jewelry professionally cleaned.

1. Better Quality Work

Bringing your favorite pieces to a professional jewelry cleaner for cleaning will ensure that your jewelry receives the best possible care and stays in top condition. A professional is trained on how to effectively remove buildup without causing harm to the piece of jewelry, thus ensuring its longevity. When you have your jewelry professionally cleaned, they will also be able to inspect the jewelry piece and ensure that there are no hidden damages, such as a loose clasp or worn chain. A professional jewelry cleaner can spot these problems that you may not be easily able to see because you’ve come to know the jewelry piece so well.

2. Possible Savings

When you have a professional clean your jewelry, it can save you money in the long run. In the event of an accident, such as an item of jewelry falling and breaking, your insurance may cover the repair cost. However, if you clean it at home and do not follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning, your insurance may not cover the costs. When you have your jewelry professionally cleaned, it will also last longer because it will not have been exposed to harsh household cleaners that can diminish its shine or damage its surface.

3. Proper Storage

If you purchase a new piece of jewelry, it is wise to have it professionally cleaned and inspected before storing it in your jewelry box. During this process, the professional will also inspect each of your other pieces of jewelry to ensure no hidden problems with any of them. If a piece has been damaged during cleaning or is suffering from wear and tear, the professional may recommend that you keep the piece out of storage to have it repaired or replaced.

4. Clear Communication

When you have your jewelry cleaned by a professional jeweler, you will be able to communicate with them about your wants and needs. For example, if you want a particular necklace or piece repaired, the cleaner will be able to tell you if it can be repaired rather than replaced. You may also be able to come in with an idea of how you want the pieces of jewelry to look, thus avoiding the need for any changes during the cleaning process.

5. Avoid the Discomforts of Wear and Tear

If you are not properly taking care of your jewelry, it can become discolored or tarnished. In addition to that, your jewelry pieces can also become dull and worn. If you have your jewelry professionally cleaned, it will be returned in close to its original condition so that you can continue enjoying them for many years to come. Using a household cleaner such as soap or bleach on your jewelry can cause damage to the piece.



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