5 Reasons to Consider Yacht Charter for your Next Vacation

You may not have ever thought about chartering a yacht for a holiday, as many people assume such luxury is beyond their budget, yet yacht charter becomes more affordable when a group of friends decide to have a holiday together. If you like the sound of such an adventure, here are a few of the benefits you can expect to enjoy when you charter a yacht for a holiday.

  1. Complete Independence – The only schedule you are following is your own and that could change in an instant, as you decide where to drop anchor and how long to stay. Of course, you have a professional crew of 2-3 people to ensure you enjoy the experience, plus they can recommend quiet spots that are unknown to regular tour companies.
  2. Sheer Luxury – If, for example, you and your partner asked two other couples to join you on an amazing yacht adventure, you can charter a vessel that is designed for 6 passengers, and as far as luxury goes, it doesn’t get any better than a first-class yacht.
  3. Abundance of Marine Life – Can you imagine how it feels to snorkel alongside a Whale Shark? These gentle giants love the warm tropical waters of the Andaman Sea and all you have to do is inform your skipper and he will do the rest. Dolphins, whales and sailfish are all present and for the best snorkelling hotspots, with Phuket yacht charters, your captain knows where to drop anchor.
  4. Explore the Andaman Sea – This is the pearl of the South East Asian region, and with luxury ports in Phuket and Krabi, you can enjoy the nightlife before heading back to the yacht for a relaxing sleep. When enquiring about a charter, the company would make a few suggestions on popular routes, although if you have a route planned, so much the better. The experienced crew are there to make the trip an unforgettable one for their clients, so nothing is too much trouble.
  5. Connecting with Friends – There’s no better way to connect with your friends than chartering a yacht together, and your relationships will blossom after sharing such an experience; indeed, many groups decide to repeat the holiday the following year, choosing a different route, of course. We always have the best time when we are with good friends, and if you and your partner have friends that you both enjoy, why not approach them with the ideal of a yacht charter?

When you factor in the all-inclusive price and divide that among 6 people, chartering a yacht is actually very good value for money, and with everything tailored to your preferences, this will be the holiday of a lifetime onboard a luxury yacht in a tropical paradise.

Search online for a yacht charter specialist and all of your questions will be answered, and you can get ready for a unique floating holiday.


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