8 Benefits of LinkedIn Marketing for B2B Operations

When business owners bring up wanting to establish a social media marketing strategy, LinkedIn is often not included in the list. Most businesses are attracted by the high user numbers of sites like Facebook or Instagram, but the truth is, depending on your business model, these sites aren’t always the best option.

A business-to-business (B2B) model, LinkedIn is the way to go, as recommended by reputable Indianapolis social media agencies. LinkedIn is a social media site that is primarily used by professionals for networking and career development. Despite having fewer monthly active users than the top 2 social media sites, LinkedIn has the B2B’s target audience conveniently located in a single space. Additionally, people are on LinkedIn specifically to look for businesses to partner up with, which makes it the perfect social media site to focus your marketing efforts on.

How does LinkedIn marketing help B2Bs?

Statistics show that LinkedIn marketing is undeniably valuable for B2Bs. Here are just 8 of the many ways LinkedIn improves B2B operations.

1. Higher lead generation

Over 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. No social media platform even comes close to what LinkedIn can accomplish for B2B lead generation. Twitter generates 13% of leads, while Facebook generates 7% and Google+ an abysmal less than 1%. It’s even more impressive when you realize that LinkedIn only has 675 million monthly active users while Facebook has 2.60 billion. Despite the lower number of users, it’s clear that LinkedIn is the superior option when it comes to marketing your B2B company. 

2. Higher site traffic

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all contributed to 90% of corporate websites’ site traffic, but LinkedIn alone was responsible for 64% of those clicks. This shows that LinkedIn users are more valuable to a B2B business than users of other social media sites. Having increased traffic to your website can aid in the conversion process and give potential clients more information about your business.

3. Reduced cost per lead

Cost per lead refers to how much it took to generate one lead. This metric is used by marketers to gauge how cost-effective their marketing strategy is. The goal is to get as low of a cost per lead as possible, and through LinkedIn, you can easily achieve that goal. 90% of marketers claim they lowered cost per lead thanks to LinkedIn. This is because, for the most part, LinkedIn is completely free to use. You can unlock more helpful features by paying a monthly fee, but some companies proved that through smart content marketing and an optimized LinkedIn profile, you can still gain success even if you’re only using the free version.

4. Increased revenue

Increased revenue is the end goal of many marketing strategies, and 38% of businesses claimed they increased revenue when they started using LinkedIn marketing strategies. This revenue could be from increased site traffic, successful conversions, lead generation, and sales since implementing a LinkedIn marketing strategy. If you have a limited social media marketing budget, it’s best to focus on LinkedIn as it will deliver the best return on investment.

5. Better response rate

LinkedIn has a messaging feature known as InMail, similar in purpose to Facebook’s Messenger or Twitter’s Direct Messages. Companies like Replicon used this feature to reach out to specific clients and found that the response rate on this channel was higher than through email. Understandably, the more in-demand an executive or their company is, the more likely their email is continuously flooded with offers and pitches. Chances are, executive emails aren’t even read by the executive, but their secretaries or personal assistants. However, their InMail might be less crowded, allowing them to personally go through each message and respond to those they find interesting.

6. Increased conversions

A study demonstrated that LinkedIn showed the highest conversion rate among the major social media sites. LinkedIn generated a visitor-to-lead conversion of 2.74% while Facebook had 0.77% and Twitter had the lowest at 0.69%. That’s more than triple the conversions than the site in second place. This shows that LinkedIn doesn’t just get you more leads, it also gets you more clients. 

7. Easier access to business executives

When you think about the people who use LinkedIn, it’s not surprising that B2B companies get more leads, clients, and revenue out of the site. Around 61 million LinkedIn users are in a senior level position in a company while 40 million have the power to make major decisions. Given this, the likelihood is high that they come directly to LinkedIn in search of companies to do business with. While some people may use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter for business, it’s more likely that they use those sites more for their private lives. Meanwhile, it’s widely understood that people are on LinkedIn in a more professional context. From a B2B perspective, LinkedIn is your best chance at finding the people you need to reach out to the most.

8. Easier access to Fortune 500 companies

If your B2B company aims to collaborate with the biggest companies of the present, then you need to be on LinkedIn since it’s currently the most popular networking site among Fortune 500. Working with a Fortune 500 company will significantly boost your reputation and open more future opportunities for you. This statistic just drives the point further that LinkedIn is where you should be marketing to gain access to the best and most prestigious clients.

When you think about who exactly is on LinkedIn, it’s not that surprising that social media marketing experts are convinced that it’s the best place for a B2B to carry out their social media marketing strategy. It’s essentially a gathering of everyone from young professionals to Fortune 500 executives, and they’re there specifically to network with professionals and other companies. Knowing this, if you don’t have a LinkedIn account yet, then you’re missing out on so many great opportunities. For those struggling to develop a LinkedIn marketing strategy, expert Indianapolis social media companies offer all the necessary expertise to jumpstart your LinkedIn journey, from content creation to profile optimization. 



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