5 Crucial Reasons You Need Blinds on Bathroom Windows

There are a multitude of decisions to make when one settles into a new house or apartment. How should your furniture be arranged? In which kitchen compartments should the dishes, utensils, and cookware be stored? How should the beds be positioned in the bedrooms? And while these decisions usually take priority over choices regarding places like the bathroom, one seemingly minor decision there deserves attention: Is it necessary to put blinds on the bathroom windows? Here are five crucial reasons you need blinds on bathroom windows.

1- Privacy

So to start out with the most obvious reason, the bathroom is the space in the home requiring more privacy than any other space besides the bedroom. Also, no other area in a dwelling (again, besides the bedroom) summons a greater desire to conjure a peaceful environment. Without privacy, little peace can be achieved.

2- Natural Lighting

As with most other rooms in the home, the amount of natural lighting during the day in your bathroom can affect your sense of well-being or lack thereof. It’s important to have the right lighting balance between seclusion and visibility, and having a blind on the window allows you to achieve this balance.

3- Blinds are More Durable than Curtains

If you are torn between whether to go with blinds or curtains, the fact that blinds are more durable than curtains should be considered. This is due to the different materials that compose them. Since curtains are primarily composed of fabric, they are prone to fading over time. Cotton, linen, or silk curtains don’t deal well with moisture, and no other area of the home involves moisture more than the bathroom. Curtains can fray and peel away in a short amount of time.

4- Blinds are Less Dependent on Window Height

Another reason to choose blinds over curtains is that some window sills are closer to the bathroom floor than others. If the distance between the window sill and the floor is short — usually due to the window itself being of bigger-than-average height — there is a greater risk of the fabric of the curtain touching the floor. This of course poses a problem because of the frequent wetness of bathroom floors.

Placing the curtain rod higher up before the ceiling might seem like a solution to this problem, but it can look disproportionately awkward whenever the curtains are pushed apart due to the relationship between the curtain rod height and the curtain.

5- Ventilation

The final thing to be considered is the type of ventilation you want. If natural light is your preference while still maintaining a sense of seclusion, then blinds are the best choice to cover your window since you can tilt them open while still maintaining some measure of privacy in the bathroom.

Additionally, should your windows be located near the sink or shower area, it would be best to opt for blinds composed of faux wood or PVC due to the amount of exposure to moisture they’ll have to withstand.



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