4 Ways to Be Generous With Your Parents

When was the last time you called your parents? If you have to sit and think about it, it might be a sign that it’s time to be a little more generous with your parents. Most people I know don’t have perfect relationships with their parents, but if your parents were good to you growing up and did their best to put you and your siblings first, then you may want to help make their lives a little easier. There are certain things you can do to be really generous with your parents, so if you’re looking for some inspiration keep reading to learn more.

Be Generous With Your Time
Most parents want nothing more than some quality time with their kids, no matter how grown and independent they are. A weekly phone call or taking them out somewhere new when you can is a wonderful way to be generous with your time. If your parents are struggling to get up to date with some new technology, or need some help in their home, why not offer to lend them a hand. Our most precious asset is our time so when we share that with the people we love the most we’re showing them that they’re a priority and that we care deeply for them. Be generous with your time, and you’ll see that it will make a world of difference for your parents.

Help With Practical Things
As people age their abilities decline and so does their independence. If you notice your parents are struggling to safely drive, for example, why not spend some money to have some safe transportation for seniors arranged? This is a great way to help your parents maintain some independence of being able to run their own errands, but while ensuring they’re safe while doing so. There are other things you can do, such as install some handrails in high risk parts of their home so they can continue to have independence by going to the bathroom and showering alone.

Upgrade Their FurnitureIf your parents are retired, there’s a good chance their income is just not what it used to be. That can make bigger purchases like new furniture less realistic for them. If you’ve noticed some of their furniture is looking a little old, why not offer to buy them an upgraded outdoor set or bedroom furniture set. Check out this website for some great furniture options that are affordable and durable.

Let Them Know They’re Always Welcome
Whether your parents live a thousand miles away, or just a few minutes down the road, let them know they’re always welcome to pop in or come stay if this feels appropriate for you. If you have children, chances are they’re going to want to be involved with their grandkids and so let them know that your door is always open to them. This can make them feel loved and special in a way that’s hard to duplicate otherwise.

Your parents spent the first few decades of your life raising you and trying to give you the best. Now it’s your chance to repay the favor. I hope these four tips help you be generous with your parents. If you’re looking to do a new build soon, don’t forget to check out these access mats alberta which can help make the build much easier.



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