How to Get Your Kids Back on Schedule

As schools start up again, it might be harder to teach younger children a new schedule. For months, laying around the house playing games on iPads was considered a normal day. Lots of parents have financially gotten used to being with their kids twenty-four hours a day and children have as well. Yet, it’s still going to be a hard task to lift children’s spirits about going to school this fall. Rachel Harow, a mom from Florida, enjoyed spending quarantine with her family but doesn’t know how to boost their morals to start school once again. 

Since March, staying home has been mandatory for every family in the world. With coronavirus still surging, it’s important to keep a positive attitude about education with children. As summer comes to a close, start getting them up earlier and earlier each day. For example, if they would normally start school at 8 but have gotten used to sleeping till 11, start waking them up earlier. Instead of 11, only allow them to sleep till 10:30 on day, 10:00 the next, and so forth. It will allow their bodies to adjust to their inner alarm clock. Grumpy kids are no joke. Feeding them healthier foods as fall rolls around is crucial when getting them back on some type of timeline. For example, replacing cookies with fruit is a great way to help them be healthier. Having veggie sticks rather than potato chips can be beneficial to their moods as well. As children grow, they need specific nutrients and antioxidants to help with development, according to Rachel Harow. A successful schedule starts with a successful diet.


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