4 Key Benefits of Using a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Wreck

If you are involved in a car wreck and survive, your life may be forever changed due to the injuries and trauma you experienced. Unfortunately, insurance companies care little about you, your injuries, and the medical bills and long road to recovery you may now be facing. To protect your interests following a crash, here are four key benefits of using a personal injury lawyer after a wreck.

1- Navigating the Insurance Maze

Insurance companies are great at denying, delaying, and ultimately devaluing just how much money you should receive after being involved in a car wreck. As a result, victims who do not hire attorneys either get frustrated and choose not to pursue compensation or settle for insurance payouts that don’t come close to paying medical bills and other related expenses. By hiring a personal injury lawyer, the defendant’s insurance company can be held accountable and be forced to play by the rules, ensuring you receive adequate compensation.

2- Do You Have a Case?

If you have been dealing with an insurance company that has almost got you convinced that you don’t have a viable case, scheduling a consultation with a personal injury lawyer will help you find out if you have an injury claim that is not only viable but in fact very winnable. Since almost all personal injury attorneys offer free consultations and won’t take your case unless they are certain of victory, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by discussing your case in more detail with an experienced attorney.

3- Negotiating a Settlement

Perhaps more than anything, your personal injury attorney can help negotiate an out-of-court settlement with the insurance company that will help you avoid a lengthy trial and get you compensated for your injuries much quicker than you anticipated. Once your attorney has conducted a thorough investigation into your crash and assembled a case that has large amounts of strong evidence in your favor, they can convince the insurance company that going to court will be futile on their part. Once this happens, the insurance company will then be willing to enter into negotiations with your attorney to get your case settled as quickly as possible for a fair amount of compensation.

4- Prevent You from Making Crucial Mistakes

Since personal injury lawyers handle cases like yours on a regular basis, they know what you should and should not do while your case plays out. For example, your attorney will advise you to not only direct all communications from insurance companies to their office but to also make sure you stay off social media until your case is resolved. Insurance companies usually monitor the social media accounts of car accident victims, so if you post certain comments or pictures along the way, these may in fact be used against you and could result in you losing your case.

By keeping these benefits in mind following your car accident, you can hire a personal injury lawyer who will fight hard for you every step of the way.



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