3 Ways to Get Rid of Cellar Spiders in Your Home

Spiders may play an essential role in the food chain, but this doesn’t make them any less creepy with their eight legs, multiple pairs of eyes, elaborate webs, and sometimes venomous fangs. One of the most common spiders to plague homeowners is cellar spiders. These spiders have long, spindly legs with relatively small bodies. Cellar spiders are typically yellowish-brown, and their legs can measure up to 2 inches long. They also have six eyes in two sets of three that are close together.

These spiders aren’t venomous and usually won’t bite humans. However, their webbing can quickly become a nuisance as they continually make new webs when their old ones wear out. Along with a buildup of dried-up insect bodies, a cellar spider’s webs create a network of cobwebs that are difficult to remove. Cellar spiders in your home are most commonly found in attics and basements but can also be found in pantries and garages.

Correct Potential Issues

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Cellar spiders like to live in dark areas with plenty of moisture. If you find that they have moved into your home, you could have an underlying humidity issue. Leaky plumbing or roofs can encourage cellar spiders to move in, and by simply correcting these issues, you can discourage them and other pests from taking up residence in your household. Other pests can also attract cellar spiders, making it necessary to eliminate all pests.

Eliminating Cellar Spiders

Check your home’s exterior for entryways where cellar spiders can gain access, especially around windows and doors. If you locate such areas, seal them up to prevent access to your home. This will keep new pests from entering but won’t remedy the existing ones. Next, eliminate other pests and insects that could be potential prey for cellar spiders. If there are no food sources, they will be less likely to invade your personal space. This will help you keep your house sanitary but may not completely eliminate cellar spiders.

Fluorescent and bright white exterior bulbs attract more insects, and spiders will follow. Using warm-color LEDs will help to reduce the attraction of insects and cellar spiders but won’t eliminate them. Ground covering debris such as woodpiles, mulch, and yard waste should be kept away from the foundations of your house. This will help discourage many different pests, including cellar spiders, from entering your home but may not be the only thing attracting them. Eliminate cellar spiders’ webs by using a vacuum. While vacuuming up the cobwebs, you will most likely capture female cellar spiders and their eggs. These methods are more effective when performed together.

Professional Extermination

When cellar spiders have overrun an area, and you feel that you are fighting a losing battle, a Houston exterminator can help rid your home of these messy pests. A trained professional will access the situation, find entry points, and other issues inviting cellar spiders into your home. Once the causes are determined, a plan to correct these issues and eliminate the cellar spiders will be put into action. The exterminator will also recommend long-term strategies of how to keep them out for good.

If cellar spiders are getting you down, contact Bulwark Extermination. Then, take back your home and protect your family from the threat of cellar spiders.

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