Daniel Levy and Tottenham Hotspur Give Back to Community

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, many institutions are shifting their focus away from their previous goals to new actions focused around combatting the virus. One area this has been particularly visible is in the world of professional sports, where most leagues have canceled events, leaving teams free to commit their resources to other ends. To see how this has played out, we’ve looked to the example set by Daniel Levy, Chairman of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. Look below to see the range of initiatives the Chairman and Spurs have undertaken in the face of this widespread pandemic.

Start of actions

As touched upon in a recent message to fans, the Chairman has spoken at length about the need for organizations of all sizes to contribute to their community in this time of upheaval. “We have all been living in uncertain times as we work together to halt the spread of the Coronavirus and all of us have had to adapt in some way or another,” said Daniel Levy in that message. “We are all too aware how tough these past few months have been and, in particular, the thoughts of all of us at the Club are with those of you who have lost loved ones, members of our Spurs family.”

The actions of of the club goes beyond just the words put forth in the message and have actually seen the football club contribute extensively to the fight against the pandemic. This fight has made use of the club’s access to on-site resources including the stadium itself, staff expertise, and site-grown produce. The speed and efficiency of the club’s response has helped reinforce the connection it feels to its fans and larger community. “I am so proud of everyone here who played their part as we supported the national effort in the fight against this pandemic,” said the Chairman when speaking to that point.

Stadium usage

One of the key components of the team’s plan to help fight Covid-19 has been the opening of its stadium for a variety of health needs. The stadium has been handed over to the NHS since April and has been used extensively as an ante-natal outpatient facility for the North Middlesex Hospital. This has allowed medical professionals to continue to treat patients in a manner that keeps them separated from individuals who might be infected with Covid-19, thereby creating an overall safer environment for patients. The space also helps to expand the hospital’s capacity, allowing it to work to accommodate the increased strain that has resulted from the need to care for the many individuals who have fallen ill as a result of the pandemic.

In addition to the use of the stadium for outpatient services, the stadium’s parking area has been outfitted to serve as a drive-through testing facility to test individuals for the novel coronavirus. This has allowed the NHS to provide fast and accurate testing without the need for individuals to enter a hospital or burden other health services. Tottenham Hotspur Football Club was the first club to open their facilities in this way, helping to set a positive example for the ways in which other organizations could contribute to pandemic response efforts in their own communities.


Food distribution

Another way in which the club has worked to benefit the community in this time of need is through the distribution of food to those who are struggling to provide for themselves. This has been accomplished through the assembly of a food distribution hub at the stadium where produce and other food items are collected and packaged to be disbursed to those in need.

Since the club also maintains an on-site garden to grow produce for the team when football activities are ongoing, it has also been able to provide that produce to the food distribution effort. This food is collected from the garden and delivered to the distribution hub to be sorted and delivered to those in need along with the rest of the food. This not only provides a well-supervised food supply from which to source donations, it also helps to ensure that the food being provided to the community is of the highest quality possible.

Virtual connections

Beyond in-person activities such as opening the stadium to NHS usage and food distribution, Daniel Levy has also worked with Spurs to increase public outreach during this trying time. Part of this effort has centered around players connecting with fans in order to boost their spirits. This has not only helped fans connect with the wider world as they stay home, it has also helped boost the connection between the team and its supporters.

Another important aspect of helping people weather this pandemic has been the push to keep physical and mental wellbeing high. One of the ways Tottenham Hotspur has contributed to this effort has been to provide access to online training sessions where staff and players help to show them how to stay physically fit. The videos, which provide a number of exercises that can be done while staying in one’s home, also help to alleviate some of the mental strain that can accompany life during this pandemic. This can be a key part of helping people make it through the pandemic in the most healthful manner possible.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused widespread disruptions in services and organizations across the globe. These disruptions have left many organizations without a means of conducting their primary purpose, a concern that has been especially prevalent for the world of sports. However, many sports organizations, such as Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, have taken the opportunity to use their resources to help their community during this difficult time. Under the leadership of Daniel Levy, Spurs have exemplified the manner in which professional football clubs and other organizations can make an impact in the current fight against Covid-19.

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