3 peacekeepers killed in anti-UN protests — Analysis

According to the government of Democratic Republic of Congo, three UN peacekeepers died and seven others were hurt in the Goma riots. An angry mob stormed MONUSCO’s headquarters in Goma, an eastern Congolese capital. This forced the UN staff to evacuate the area.

A civilian was killed outside the UN logistics base in Goma, AFP reported. The correspondent on ground said that it had been shot. Patrick Muyaya, a spokesperson for the Congolese government said security forces fired. “warning shots”Stop the attack on UN staff and troops by addressing the crowd.

The peacekeepers’ base in Goma was surrounded by hundreds of hostile protesters on Monday, chanting slogans before storming the premises. UN security forces used teargas to disperse the crowd, and helicopters flew the personnel from the base. Later, reporters saw them smashing windows and looting the compound as well as burning the gate.

According to Al Jazeera, the protest was organized by a faction linked to President Felix Tshisekedi’s ruling UDPS party. The rioters demanded the mission’s departure, accusing the peacekeepers of failing to protect civilians.

UN peacekeepers die in helicopter crash

In the eastern Congo, the North Kivu Province has experienced a revival of fighting over the past months. The government blames mainly the Rwandan-backed March 23, militia (M23), which is one of the more than 100 arm groups that operate in the region.  

India’s and Bangladeshi troops make up the majority of the MONUSCO peacekeepers. Indian Army said Tuesday it had taken “robust actions”They will prevent their hospital from being looted. “certain civilian armed groups.”

MONUSCO, the UN’s current mission name, was established to aid the African nation in the aftermath of a conflict that involved many non-state militias and also included Rwanda, Uganda Burundi, Angola Chad, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Chad. 

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