8 Tips for Choosing Outdoor Lighting for Your Backyard Space

Your backyard is an extension of your living space. As an outdoor living space, you want to ensure adequate lighting so that you can enjoy it no matter the time of day. There are several things to keep in mind while working on your outdoor lighting plan to make sure that it turns out exactly how you want it to.

1- What Are Your Goals?

Do you want to improve security, have task lighting, or highlight certain things in your space? Do you want to do a mixture of all of these? Knowing this information makes it easier to create a plan.

2- Create Your Plan

This is where you bring your ideas to life. Create an outline about where you want the lighting to be and how it incorporates into your space. Make note of your backyard’s pre-existing elements and the lighting you want with them.

3- Select the Right Lighting

Make sure to pick the lighting that is appropriate for each space. For example, if you have a cooking area, you want to put task lighting here. If you have a seating area, ambient and decorative lighting are good choices. Now, if you want to highlight any landscaping or architectural elements, consider accent lighting.

4- Pick Quality Fixtures

You want your outdoor lighting system to last a long time. Remember that while you might not use the fixtures daily, they are subjected to weather, so they need to be tough. Look at fixtures that use durable materials, such as brass and aluminum, so that they will stand up to the elements and last for a long time.

5- Think About Energy Efficiency

The more energy-efficient your lighting is, the less it will increase your utility bills. Energy-efficient lights also tend to last a lot longer, so you do not have to switch out bulbs frequently. Also, certain energy-efficient options, such as LED light bulbs, do not put out as much heat, so if you live in an area with warm nights, this can help to keep the temperature in your outdoor space more comfortable.

6- Consider the Color and Temperature

Light color and temperature refer to how cool or warm the lighting looks. For example, if you want a functional or contemporary look, you should consider neutral white lights. However, if your goal is a cozier space, opt for a warm white.

7- Look into Dimmers and Controls

Lighting controls and dimmer switches make it easier to control the atmosphere and ambiance of your outdoor living space. If you opt for smart lighting, you can even control your backyard’s lighting remotely using your cellphone.

8- Consider the Maintenance Needs

You should consider how much maintenance will be needed to keep your outdoor lighting in great condition. For example, how often will you need to change out bulbs to keep everything working? Think about how much time you have for maintenance and choose the types of lighting that are within those time constraints.

Once you are ready to add outdoor lighting to your backyard space, make sure to talk to a professional. Either an electrician or a lighting designer. They will ensure that everything is installed properly and will make sure that the lights that you choose are ideal for your space.



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