4 Tips for Sending Your Child Back to School in Cute Clothes

One of the most exciting parts of starting a new school year is refreshing your child’s wardrobe for the fall. While often this is done out of the necessity to size up, it can also be an opportunity to add some new looks and styles to their closet. Sometimes though, it can be a struggle to balance your child’s personal style with your interest in making sure they look cute and presentable. If your child always leans toward athletic wear and specific brands that you don’t love the style of, you may need to have some suggestions handy to encourage them to meet you in the middle. Here are 4 tips for cute back-to-school wardrobe staples that your children are sure to wear.

1- Look for Textured Tops

One way to achieve a cute back-to-school look is to pair together a classic solid-colored bottom with a top that has some texture to it. Shirts with ruching, scalloped edges, or piping provide visual interest without overwhelming graphics or patterns. These shirts are often made of cotton, which is comfortable for most children and can be paired with almost any bottom for an adorable look that is not too dressy for recess and other school activities. This is also a great option if you are shopping on a budget or prefer to search for and purchase clothes in person at local stores.

2- Choose Embroidered Shirts and Skirts

Themed shirts for holidays and birthdays are so common and easy to order these days from specialized sites. An item with a back-to-school theme is perfect for building a cute wardrobe with pieces that your child will love too because they are personalized for them. From monogrammed items to apples and school buses, an embroidered shirt or skirt will be a cute addition to your child’s wardrobe that makes everyone happy.

3- Feature School Supplies

Few things are cuter than a themed shirt or dress, and this includes school supplies. A t-shirt or pair of shorts featuring illustrations of scissors, markers, and school buses is an adorable way to lean into dressing for a new school year. If you want something more subtle, you can opt for an orange, silver, and pink striped skirt or shorts which creates the illusion of a pencil. If your child prefers a more sophisticated style, they may like the artsier vibe of a composition notebook or lined paper t-shirt.

4- Pick Themed Hairbows and Scrunchies

For a child that likes to accessorize their hair, a themed hairbow or scrunchie is the perfect addition to any back-to-school outfit. A red bow with an apple ornament is a classic and cute way to celebrate the occasion and stay on theme. If your child prefers to wear their hair with fun and colorful scrunchies, there are a wide variety of options to satisfy everyone’s style preferences. You can also choose to personalize the item with your child’s name and grade or school year.

By taking time to think about your child’s new school wardrobe ahead of time, your child will be ready to take on the school year in style.



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