10 Musicals to Stream Right Now

You would likely be stunned if someone suddenly began a dramatic performance of music right in front you.You can also visit eIf that was what the stranger looked like In the Heights star Anthony Ramos. But in the movies, expressing one’s deepest wants, needs, and fears through a choreographed song and dance number is just an average Tuesday. The aforementioned are not the only things that make up this movie. best movie musicals offer a bit of escapism from our humdrums lives, they’re not completely devoid of reality. In fact, most musicals, whether they’re about the warring gangs of a changing city or a struggling playwright at a creative crossroads, ask us to take a closer look at our own less-musical existences.
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For those with a song in their heart, here’s a list of 10 movie musicals to stream right now, including classic hits and new favorites starring icons such as Rita Moreno, Liza MinnelliPlease see the following: Kermit, the Frog. One could argue that we’re currently living through a Hollywood musical renaissanceThis is why this list tends to include more recent films. These films, however, are large-screen versions of Broadway musicals.

There are no animated musicals on this list, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from talking about Enchanto’s Bruno. Also, the film versions of Broadway shows were not included. Hamilton didn’t make the cut this time around—but, don’t worry, the work of Lin Manuel-MirandaThis area is well-represented. It is alive with hills Sound of Music, But since there has been so much already said, Julie Andrews’ Maria, it’s a different, though equally-as-admired Maria who earned a spot below.

This list is in no way definitive, but perhaps will encourage those who like what they see to dig deeper into the movie-musical catalogs—or even better, break out into a spontaneous song or two.

West Side Story (2021)

Steven Spielberg’s reimaginingThis is the 1957 Stephen Sondheim Musical about the two rival gangs, and their young lovers who get caught up in their turf war. 1961 FilmMakes A few important updates. It gives you this. Tragic love story staring Rachel ZeglerAnsel Elgort’s new life.

You can see it at Disney+Or HBO Max

Mamma Mia! (2008)

Meryl Steep singing ABBA’s greatest hits in a now-iconic A pair of overalls. That’s it, that’s the blurb.

Peacock, watch it!

Cabaret (1972)

It’s hard to take your eyes off Liza Minnelli as she hip-thrusts her way through Bob Fosse’s seductive big-screen adaptation of the 1966 musical about an enigmatic cabaret singer trying to navigate love in the time of the Nazis.

You can watch it at HBO Max

Tick, Tick…Boom! (2021)

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s directorial debut brought the late Let me know if you are interested in renting playwright Jonathan Larson’s 1990 autobiographical musical about the pain and glory of being a Broadway dreamer to the masses—and helped Andrew Garfield nab his first Academy Award nomination.

You can watch it on Netflix

Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella (1997)

Whitney Houston is more than a fairy godmother to Brandy’s Cinderella: she’s the queen diva in this fresh take on the 1957 musical.

You can see it at Disney+

Manhattan: The Muppets (1984)

Jim Henson’s bop-filled Muppet movie is a love letter to anyone—easy-going frogs, glamorous pigs, suburban kids—who dream of making it in the Big Apple.

You can watch it at HBO Max

Enchanted (2007)

How would it feel if a Disney Princess suddenly was exiled to Manhattan from her kingdom of magic? Well, that’s the premise of this sweet, satirical musical, starring Amy AdamsThis is a joke about the fairytale industrial complex.

You can see it at Disney+

In the Heights (2021)

Washington Heights in New York City is the true star. of this candy-colored adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s debut musical about a close-knit community feeling the effects of gentrification.

You can watch it at HBO Max

Moulin Rouge! (2001)

Baz Luhrmann’s absolutely Bonkers Jukebox MusicalEwan McGregor stars as the struggling poet living in Paris in 1890s. His infatuation for nightclub singer Satine (Nicole Kidman), puts them both at grave risk. The movie, which features dizzying interpretations of songs by Nirvana, The Police, and David Bowie, is a fever dream you won’t want to wake up from.

You can watch it at Hulu

Dreamgirls (2006)

Jennifer HudsonAnika Noni Rose and Beyoncé are the ultimate girl group in this big-screen adaptation of the 1981 musical inspired by the true story of The Supremes’ rise to superstardom.

You can watch it at HBO Max


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