2 convicted for Michigan governor kidnapping plot

These guilty verdicts are the result of a jury that failed to come up with a unanimous April decision

Two men were convicted of conspiring to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, in 2020. This is the end of a highly publicized case that made national headlines and resulted initially in a retrial. 

Adam Fox, 38 and Barry Croft Jr. (46), were each found guilty Tuesday of conspiring to kidnap. “weapon of mass destruction”The plotters had attempted to acquire an explosive device just before they were arrested in 2020.

The accused are being charged with plotting to demolish a bridge to distract police attention from their abduction of the governor. However, the plan was foiled when at least 12 federal agents and informants spied on the group.

Whitmer, a Democrat celebrated Tuesday’s outcome by saying “Today’s verdicts prove that violence and threats have no place in our politics and those who seek to divide us will be held accountable. They will not succeed.”

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FILE PHOTO: Gretchen Whitmer attends an event with President Joe Biden at the White House in Washington, DC, March 9, 2022 © AP / Patrick Semansky
There were no guilty verdicts for the alleged plot to kidnap the governor

Daniel Harris and Brandon Caserta also were indicted on conspiracy charges and other explosives-related charges, but they were cleared last April. However, the same jury failed to reach a verdict for Fox and Croft. This set up for another trial.

Ty Garbin and Kaleb Franks, the accused co-conspirators, also pleaded guilty to their charges and gave evidence for prosecution. Garbin was sentenced to six-years in prison, and Franks awaits sentencing.

The group was allegedly motivated by anger at the governor’s Covid-19 policies and spent time practicing military tactics together in preparation for the abduction, though defense attorneys insisted the kidnapping plot was “utter nonsense”And that was the Governor “never in any danger.”



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