1 in 3 Brits think pandemic will last forever – poll — Analysis

A third of the UK’s population believes the coronavirus pandemic will never end, a new survey has revealed.

A poll by YouGov/PA conducted on December 20-21 found that 33% felt this way. “the Covid-19 pandemic will never be effectively over in the UK.”

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Older people are more skeptical than younger ones, as they are most at risk from the virus. The pandemic could last forever according to 40% of the over-65 population, and only 24% were 18-24.

21 percent of 1,652 participants in the study agreed that Covid-19 will take longer than two years to reach us.

Nearly 30% of people expected that the pandemic which saw more than 148,000 deaths and 11.8million infected persons in the UK would end sooner than it did.

Just 1% responded to the survey believing it would occur in three months or less.

The Omicron variant was more contagious and the proportion of people who feel that life has returned to normal after all of the restrictions dropped to 20% from early December, to only 12%.

The poll also found that six in ten people had reduced the number of handshakes they gave through fear of the virus, while more than half confessed that they were doing less hugging with people who didn’t live under the same roof as them.

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