Protecting Employees Who Work in Jobs with Risk

Not all jobs are office jobs where the most dangerous thing that could happen is that one burns their lip on coffee that is too hot. There are a lot of jobs that have risk, but someone must do them. 

As employers, it is our responsibility to take care of our employees and think about their safety. We are going to explore ways to protect employees when working in jobs with risk. 

Proper Safety Equipment 

If the employees are working in a dangerous area or with toxic chemicals, it is 100% the employers’ responsibility to provide appropriate personal safety protection. This will reduce accidents and ensure the workers stay healthy. 

Examples of personal safety equipment are helmets and face protection. A company should look at what safety equipment is needed for the job that is required by the employees. 


Also, a company should replace old or broken protection gear to ensure that the employees are adequately protected. All equipment should be cleaned and checked for damage every day to maintain safety in the workplace. 

Provide Safety Training  

A lot of workplace accidents happen when someone is not appropriately trained, and unknowingly, the worker creates a dangerous situation. However, if they were trained thoroughly, this accident and the unsafe situation would never have happened. 


If a switch is left on, a hinge is not tightened enough, or too many people are in one place, it can not only create a dangerous situation but a deadly one. No one wants the guilt of an employee having a severe accident and dying while on the clock. 


It is the responsibility of the employer to give safety training. This is not only true for new workers but at least every year, if not twice a year, employers should provide a safety refresher course. 


Also, giving consequences, like deduction of pay or getting fired, if an employee does not follow safety protocol is an excellent incentive to make sure all workers are following them. 

Workplace Building Safety  

It is also the responsibility of the employer to make sure the actual workplace building is safe and up to current standards. 

Some laws require companies to make sure their building’s construction is sound, the piping for water and gas is up to date and not leaking, there are safety lights, fire extinguishers, and much more. 


Workplaces that are not regulated can be charged with severe fines or even forced to close. 

The Bottom Line


Everyone wants to work in a place that they feel safe in, even if the job itself is sometimes risky. As employers, it is our responsibility to provide a secure workspace for all employees.


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