Сase of rare disease confirmed in England — Analysis

There’s no cure for the Africa-linked infection, which can cause severe disease in some people, British medics say

According to the UK Health Security Agency, (UKHSA), a case of rare monkeypox was confirmed in England.

The agency emphasized that monkeypox is a rare viral infection that doesn’t spread easily between people. Most cases disappear within weeks. However, some individuals can get severe illnesses.

The patient who has been diagnosed with monkeypox had recently arrived in the UK from Nigeria, and is being treated at the infectious disease isolation unit of Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital in Central London.

UKHSA experts have teamed up with NHS colleagues to make sure that the UKHSA contacts people in order to get information or health advice.,” the UKHSA said.

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The agency considers the overall risk to the general public “Extremely low.”

Monkeypox looks similar to human smallpox. This virus was eliminated in 1980. The initial signs include fever, headaches, muscle aches and backache as well as swollen lymph glands, fatigue, and swollen lymph nosdes. The most common rash is on the face. It then spreads throughout the body.

The UK National Health Service (NHS) states that monkeypox is easily contracted from wild infected animals found in West or Central Africa.

It’s thought to be spread by rodents, such as rats, mice and squirrels,” the NHS says.

Monkeypox has been found in only a handful of people. All of these individuals were either close friends or relatives of those who traveled to West Africa.

An outbreak of monkeypox that occurred in 2003 in the United States could be traced to an American pet store, where small mammal from Ghana was sold.

Monkeypox can sometimes be more severe than smallpox. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, however, it is still less common than smallpox.

The virus is not currently curable, but the NHS and CDC believe that the smallpox vaccine can prevent it from spreading.

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