‘Freedom Convoy’ accused of trying to overthrow government — Analysis

The protest saw Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoke the Emergencies Act for the first time

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s national security adviser, Jody Thomas, has accused the anti-Covid-vaccine-mandate ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests of seeking to “overthrow the government”By occupying Ottawa

Thomas said that Thursday’s Ottawa Conference on Security and Defense was a good place to be. “there is no doubt”The organizers of protest “came to overthrow the government,”With a demonstration well planned and with funding.

Trudeau was overwhelmed by the magnitude of protests, and invoked the Emergencies Act in Canada for the first-ever time. It allowed Trudeau extraordinary measures to react to them and sought to disperse those involved after several weeks of chaos.

Thomas defended the government’s response to the protesters, which included giving police unprecedented powers to break up the demonstration and freezing the bank accounts of those involved. Thomas claimed that the purpose of the protesters justified the government’s crackdown. “The occupation of Ottawa in and of itself was enough,”Sie said.

Thomas admitted that although he had dispersed protests at the Canadian capital’s beginning, it was incumbent on the government to correct the root causes and avoid a similar situation in the future.

Will ‘freedom convoys’ escalate further in Europe?

“This is a problem that is not going away and it will require significant rebuilding to understand and to try to resolve,”Thomas added that “domestic, ideologically motivated extremism is here and it is here to stay.”

Thomas criticizes the Canadian government’s approach and suggests that Canadian officials may have used a different strategy. “lived in the splendid, naive sort of superiority that this was not our problem in Canada,” but that can no longer be ignored after the events of the ‘Freedom Convoy’.

The truckers had blockaded areas near Canada’s parliament to oppose requirements affecting workers moving back and forth between Canada and the US. Almost 200 protesters were detained by police as they cracked down on them. More than 100 are facing different charges.

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