Yemeni rebels threaten Saudi Arabia with more attacks — Analysis

On Friday, two Yemeni Houthi rebels launched rockets against Saudi Arabia. If Riyadh keeps dropping bombs on this civil war-torn nation, the rebels will threaten more cross-border attacks.

The spokesperson of the Saudi General Directorate of Civil Defense was Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Al-Hammad. He stated that the projectile, which originated from Yemeni territory, struck a store in the south Jizan Province killing two people, and injuring seven with shrapnel. 

Ship carrying weapons for Yemeni rebels seized – US Navy

Brigadier General Yehia Sali, a spokesperson for the Yemeni Houthi rebels said that three missiles had been fired on Saturday “vital and sensitive”Sites of Jizan, according to the Associated Press

Houthi officials previously promised to retaliate against a Saudi airstrike in Yemen’s Al-Mahwit Province on Thursday.

Saudi-led coalition that intervened in Yemeni civil conflict in 2015 in behalf of President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi said it had destroyed several drones and missile bases within rebel camps.

Houthis and allied media claimed that the airstrike occurred in a highly populated neighborhood, damaging homes, a children’s hospital, and a prison housing coalition fighters. Al Masirah TV said that the airstrike resulted from 10 civilians being killed or seriously injured, which included children and women.

“The Saudi regime will be hit with painful operations as long as it persists and continues in its aggression and crimes,”Sarie, quote by Al Masirah.

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