‘Worst ecological disaster’ triggered by volcano off Peru coast — Analysis

Near Peruvian capital is the spillage at La Pampilla’s refinery. “the worst ecological disaster that has occurred in Lima in recent times,”The Peruvian Foreign Ministry stated Wednesday that Repsol, a Spanish oil company was involved. “must immediately compensate the damage.”

According to the ministry, the incident endangered the fauna and flora in the two conservation areas that cover more than 18,000 km (6.950 miles).

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Repsol issued a statement stating that they had set up containment booms, and were conducting beach and coastal cleanups in affected areas. Repsol claimed the oil spillage from an unloaded crude oil tanker was due to “high tidal waves” formed by an underwater eruption of the remote South Pacific Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano on Friday.

The company’s spokesperson, Tine van den Wall Bake Rodriguez, told reporters that Repsol should not be blamed for the disaster. Because oil flowed along the bottom and was not visible at the surface, Repsol initially did not realize its magnitude. Rodriguez stated that the Peruvian Navy had not issued a tsunami alert at the moment. 

Giacomo Morote, the head of the Navy’s oceanography department, said the eruption was a rare and “extraordinary event”This was not in line with the guidelines for the current warning system.

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