World Water Day – Conservation

Every year on March 22nd, we get to celebrate water and tackle the global water crisis.

1. World Water Day

Since 1993, we celebrate World Water Day every year on March 22. This day aims to raise awareness that 2.2 billion people living without access to safe water. It was introduced to support the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 6 which is to provide water and sanitation for everyone by 2030.

This day is about valuing water without which there would be no life on Earth. Today, fresh water is under extreme threat from a growing population, increasing demands of agriculture and industries along with worsening impacts of climate change such as droughts.

This year´s theme is about what water means to people, it’s true value and how we can better protect this vital yet limited resource. Water has enormous and complex value for our households, health, education, culture, economics and the preservation of the natural environment. We cannot afford to overlook a single one of its values, as we risk mismanaging this irreplaceable source.

2. Benefits of Conservation

Conserving water is important because it keeps water pure and clean while protecting the environment. The uses of water are endless.

It keeps us healthy

If we want to continue to keep our bodies healthy, clean, and everything else – we need water.

It provides food

Fruits and vegetables need water to grow. Without water, not only will we dehydrate to death but we will also starve.

It protects the ecosystem and the wildlife

We often forget we are not the only specie on Earth. Every single specie on this planet needs water to survive.

Increased savings

Use less water, and you will be charged less money from the water company. Moreover, conserving water also saves energy as pumping water from the central facility requires high amounts of energy. Pumping water requires high amounts of energy to run the equipment. Therefore, your carbon footprint, energy bill and water bill will be reduced by conserving water.

3. Energy and Conservation Tips

Conservation and efficiency practices will also benefit your finances as it will lower household bills such as your Ohio Edison utility costs.

Use efficient appliances

The least we can do is use appliances that are most water and energy efficient such as WaterSense® and EnergyStar® labeled products such as low-flow shower head.

Practice efficient habits in the bathroom

Just a little bit of effort can make a big difference. Sing shorter songs in the shower and you can save up to 10 gallons for every minute shortened your shower time. Moreover, take showers the navy way: get wet, turn the water off, soap up and turn water on and rinse. Basically, don’t let water run when it’s not necessary such as when brushing your teeth and soaping your hands. Never use the toilet to dispose of cleansing tissues and trash as wastes a great deal of water and also places an unnecessary load on the sewage.

Responsible cleaning

Only wash full loads and don’t use hot water whenever cold can do the job. Scrape the dishes clean instead of rinsing them before washing. Instead of turning on the facet each time to rinse, use a bowl of water for rinsing and washing dirty dishes. When cooking, use only a little water in the pot and put a lid on it to both save water along with nutritious vitamins and minerals that you would pour down the drain with the extra cooking water.

Takeaway – We use water for almost everything we do.  We need it to keep ourselves hydrated, flush out the toxins from our bodies, bathe and clean, cook the food we eat and plenty of other activities we cannot imagine living without so there should be no such thing as a life-threatening water crisis that. Ask yourself on this day what does water mean to you and help spread awareness beyond #WorldWaterDay as fresh water should not be a luxury. The least we can all do is start saving water by making smart choices at home.



Helen is a multi-published, award-winning author of over 30 books, including the delightful Ivy & Bean series. She has written novels for young adults, including YA romantic comedies, and has written BBC drama.

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