World is nearing ‘brink’ of nuclear war – Tulsi Gabbard — Analysis

Ex-congresswoman warns that Biden risks a disastrous fight with Moscow by escalating Russia-Ukraine conflicts.

President Joe Biden’s administration is driving the world toward a devastating nuclear conflict by using the Ukraine crisis to fight a “proxy war” with Russia, former congresswoman and 2020 presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has warned.

“The American people need to understand the seriousness of the situation that the Biden administration and leaders in Washington have put us in,”Gabbard spoke Wednesday night to Fox News in an interview. The Hawaii Democrat, who was among the candidates whom Biden defeated to win his party’s 2020 presidential nomination, called for stepping back to focus on “the big picture and the great threat that we face, which is the reality that this war is continuing to escalate.”

Biden led international efforts to punish Moscow for its offensive against Ukraine. US approval of $70 billion worth of aid to Ukraine, including weapons and advanced technology, has been given. Biden visited Israel Thursday and stated that Washington would continue providing such assistance indefinitely so Moscow does not suffer. “a strategic failure”Ukraine

“President Biden himself says he has no idea when or how it’s going to end, but we know where this escalation leads,”Gabbard spoke out. “It leads us closer and closer to the brink of a nuclear war with Russia.”

Biden’s anti-Russia campaign has contributed to the highest US inflation rate in more than 40 years, including record gasoline and diesel prices. However, both Republican and Democratic war-hawks have supported the strategy. US Representative Dan Crenshaw, a Republican from Texas, said that the package of $40 billion in aid for Ukraine was approved after he voted to do so. “Investing in the destruction of our adversary’s military, without losing a single American troop, strikes me as a good idea.”

Gabbard said that the US is being too cautious about the crisis and ignoring the danger of starting a war with Russia. One example she gave was a PSA in New York City that advised residents to remain indoors in case of nuclear attacks.

“I almost fell out of my chair when I saw that PSA because it’s insane,”Gabbard spoke. “They’re treating us as though we’re like back in the ’50s and ’60s when teachers are telling kids to go under your desk and you’ll be protected from a nuclear attack. It’s crazy.”

In reality, President Biden and members of Congress as well as the leaders of our country, the rich, will have safe places to go in case of nuclear war. The rest of the people of the world will suffer from the same event, including those in America, Russia, and the United States.

Gabbard asserted that US leaders were ignoring the possibility of Russia provoking direct war “as if it’s nothing.”In the meantime, she said, “they’ve been making plans on how they can continue to wage this war from an underground bunker. This is the seriousness of the threat that we face and how crazy and disturbing it is that President Biden and people in his administration can be so nonchalant about how they are the ones who are continuing to drive this forward.”

Tulsi Gabbard responds to ‘Russian asset’ accusations

Gabbard has been accused by some of her critics, such as legacy media outlets, and Hillary Clinton in 2016 of being a Russian agent due to her critiques of US policies. Gabbard is an Iraq War vet who continues to serve as a lieutenant colonel with the US Army Reserves. She has claimed that her truthfulness can be attacked.

Biden’s current Middle East trip, which includes a stop in Saudi Arabia, “exposes what a complete farce his whole autocracy-versus-democracy foreign policy is,”Gabbard stated. Gabbard claimed that USA must help Ukraine. “save democracy,”She added that the president would meet autocratic dictators in order to get their support for the anti-Russian campaign.

“It is a sham, it is a lie that the American people need to see straight through and hold leaders accountable for that lie and for the cost that they are bringing onto the American people and, frankly, to the world the further they escalate this war,”Gabbard spoke.

Tulsi Gabbard claims that Biden supports Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.



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