WHO to reassess monkeypox threat — Analysis

Following thousands of monkeypox cases in 58 countries, the World Health Organization will meet to reconsider whether it is a serious public health emergency.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters on Wednesday that the body’s emergency committee would convene later this month to discuss the rare virus, despite concluding in June that monkeypox was not a “publicHealth emergency of international concern.”

“On monkeypox, I continue to be concerned by the scale and spread of the virus,” he saidThe WHO personnel should be added to the mix “following the data”That the committee meet within the week of Jul 18 for updates and to discuss the development of the disease. 

Tedros acknowledged that “testing remains a challenge” and said it’s “highly probable”He stated that thousands of cases had been reported around the world, and said large numbers of infections remain undiagnosed. Infections have increased by twofold since May, with 58 countries reporting them.

US government to distribute monkeypox vaccines

The current epidemic is still concentrated in Europe, accounting for about 80%. However, the WHO chief warned that monkeypox has also reached African countries, warning them of its potential spread.

While mass vaccinations are not recommended by the WHO against monkeypox (although it has suggested that healthcare professionals monitor for signs and symptoms to aid in diagnosing and treating them), they have suggested that there be increased surveillance of this virus. However, US officials, UK and Canadian officials have made preparations to administer immunizations. In fact, the White House has set a goal to deliver nearly 2 million doses this year.

WHO warns of monkeypox

Infected persons, bodily fluids and other potentially contaminated material can spread the monkeypox virus. The initial symptoms are fever, headache, muscle aches and swollen lymph glands. Although most cases resolve quickly, it can be fatal in small numbers of cases.

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