What to Read, Watch, and Listen to About Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos After The Dropout

It is not difficult to find information about Elizabeth Holmes or her defunct company Theranos. Holmes was convicted on several fraud charges in January 2022. She is now famous for her invention of a blood test device and for lying about it.

The story of Holmes’ fraud first broke with a 2015 article in the Wall Street JournalJohn Carreyrou was the author of a book that covers the subject and which is now being made into a movie. And that’s just the beginning—multiple podcasts, documentaries, and other projects have aimed to tell the story of One of the biggest scams ever committed in Silicon Valley’s history. Hulu premiered this original series in March. The Dropout, a dramatization of Theranos and Holmes’ rise and fall that was based on an ABC podcast series of the same name. This guide contains everything that you can view, listen to and/or read about Holmes or Theranos.
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Silicon Valley’s Inventor is Out for Blood

The inventor, Alex Gibney directed the documentary, which was released by HBO on January 19, 2019. He is a documentarian who has made a name for himself digging into other fraud organizations. Enron: Smartest Guys in The Room Moving Clear: Scientology, the Prison of Belief and Scientology. With The inventorHe interviews several subjects in Holmes media pieces, including Phyllis Gardner, a Stanford University professor, and Tyler Shultz, Theranos whistleblowers Erika and Tyler Cheung.

This documentary features interviews with Holmes-related journalists, John Carreyrou and Roger Parloff. Parloff wrote glowing reviews of Holmes in 2009, when she was featured on the cover. Fortune. The documentary lasts two hours and offers a detailed look into Holmes’ company, as well as the lies that lead to it demise.

The Dropout

ABC broadcast the show to go with their podcast. The Dropout In 2019, during the weekly 20/20 show. You can now watch the documentary in pieces. YouTube. It’s shorter than the podcast, whose first season featured six episodes, so it offers abbreviated versions of each of the interviews. It does provide visuals of some places and people, however some interviews are only audio.

The show, which is similar to the podcast, is hosted and narrated on ABC by Rebecca Jarvis.

Valley of Hype

If you’ve already watched the other documentaries on Holmes and crave more, then Valley of Hype might be for you, though it’s the weakest of the bunch. Yahoo! released this documentary in 2021. This documentary is produced by Yahoo! Curiously, the documentary opens with several interviews with scientist and board members defending Holmes for her innovative vision, claiming that what she did isn’t necessarily fraud.


The Dropout

There have been many podcasts that only had one episode on Elizabeth Holmes. The DropoutThe definitive audio documentary about Theranos’ rise and fall. Rebecca Jarvis hosted the ABC podcast. This is the foundation for the ABC documentary. The podcast initially aired in 2019 with a six-episode season breaking down Holme’s trajectory from a Stanford student, to a rising tech star, to a reviled fraudster.

The DropoutJarvis also interviewed the characters for Hulu’s miniseries. The podcast interviews employees of every Theranos era, Holmes’ neighbours as children, experts in science, and key figures within Theranos. After the success of the first season, the show released nearly 20 more episodes covering Holmes’ trial and verdict.

Bad Blood: Chapter Final

Reporter John Carreyrou wrote the first investigative story doubting Theranos’ technology and unveiling the fraudulent blood testing system for the Wall Street Journal. Carreyrou was able to write about the events that led to the explosive publication of the piece and subsequent reports. Bad BloodTheranos and Holmes: A deeper dive, published by.

Carreyrou’s work on this topic continued in 2021 with the podcast Bad Blood: Chapter Final, which follows Holmes’ trial and gives a more in-depth look at her company. Emily Saul, a former New York Post reporter and commentator, contributes insights to the show. The podcast concluded in January 2022 with an episode covering Holmes’ guilty verdict.


Bad Blood

He published his investigation report on Theranos after publishing it in the Wall Street JournalJohn Carreyrou (journalist) then extended the report in his 2018 book Bad Blood. Carreyrou’s 2018 book Bad Blood, which furthered his investigative reporting on Theranos, featured interviews with 150 people—including 60 former Theranos employees—who had connections to Holmes, Theranos, or the investigation surrounding the company.

The book offers more in depth coverage of many of the topics covered in the documentaries including the earliest days of Theranos, Holme’s worship of Apple and Steve Jobs, her relationship with Sunny Balwani, and the whistleblowers that helped reveal the company’s secrets.

Carreyrou introduced a new product in 2020. It included a new afterword. Based on Bad BloodIs in production and is directed by Adam McKay. Jennifer Lawrence plays Holmes.


The Dropout

Based on the ABC podcast with the same title The DropoutPremieres on Hulu March 3 Amanda Seyfried stars as Elizabeth Holmes, and Naveen Andys plays Sunny Balwani (her romantic/business friend). It sticks close to the source material. Most of its characters are real-life people like Stanford Professor Phyllis Gardner, chemist Ian Gibbons (Stephen Fry), George Shultz (Sam Waterston), John Carreyrou (Ebon Moss–Bacharach).

The podcast’s original season is closely followed by the series. Holmes begins as a Harvard student looking to get a reputation and ends with Holmes revealing her fraudster science. The Dropout dramatizes the faux-science and business dealings at Theranos, and also goes deeper into Holmes’ personal life and her relationship with Balwani.

It is not yet announced if the show will continue Holmes’ story with more seasons and cover her trial as the podcast did.

Bad Blood

Adam McKay, who will direct and adapt the bestselling John Carreyrou book into a movie.The Big Short, Vice(1998), with Jennifer Lawrence as Holmes. Apple Studios acquired the movie for premiere on Apple TV+. No other cast members, information or details about the film have yet been made public.


Hot Startup Theranos has fought with its blood-test technology

This article was published in 2015 by the Wall Street JournalJohn Carreyrou’s resignation marked Theranos’ end. The report claimed that Theranos had lied about what its machines could do and that Theranos did not perform most of their blood tests on their machines.

Carreyrou reported the story while Holmes attempted to get Rupert Murdoch, her investor, to kill it. His company also owns the newspaper. Wall Street Journal. After the story was released, Theranos employees gathered in their office and chanted “Fuck you Carreyrou.” He went on to write dozens more articles about Theranos for WSJ.

“She Never Looks Back”: Inside Elizabeth Holmes’s Chilling Final Months At Theranos

There was a weird limbo between when Theranos became a fraud company and the day when Theranos shut down. Although The company continued to operate and Holmes was the CEO, they were out of cash and faced several lawsuits. They were under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission and Department of Justice.

This is how it works Vanity Fair feature, writer Nick Bilton offers a look into the strange final months at Theranos, describing Holmes’ strangely chipper demeanor, her new husky puppy pooping around the office, and her happy social media posts with her new boyfriend.

Elizabeth Holmes’ Epic Rise and Fall

This document was immediately written following the January 2022 sentence of her guilty. New York TimesDavid Streitfeld wrote this story about why Holmes convinced so many people working in Silicon Valley. The story includes some of Holmes’ personal notes, which were submitted as evidence in court.

Streitfield wrote that the persona Holmes had crafted “fit so neatly into the Silicon Valley cliché” that “it inspired belief right up to the moment on Monday when a jury officially convicted her of four counts of fraud.”


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