What Makes Technical Sales Different?

Though the uninitiated may think that a salesperson is a salesperson, anyone with a bit of inside knowledge about different businesses will know that that’s not the case. Each and every salesperson has their own unique set of skills and approaches, but additionally each industry requires in-depth knowledge of their products and customer demographics. This is particularly true in the tech industry, which requires a high level of detailed knowledge and caters to a different demographic entirely.

As well as selling their products, technical salespeople provide advice and support on technical services. A technical salesperson will identify companies and potential clients who might benefit from their services and work in tandem with colleagues to provide information and offers to bring that client on board, much like salespeople in any other industry. However, unlike general sales teams, technical salespeople are likely to be selling to individuals in charge of tech within larger companies rather than to general purchasing managers who they might speak to in office or any customer facing industries.

This means that the person on the other end of the phone is likely to have very good in depth knowledge of what they’re being sold and will be able to ask detailed questions which they expect correct, knowledgeable answers to – and this is the main difference with technical sales. While every sales person has to know about their area, technical salespeople are unique in having to know the product pretty much as well as the manufacturers of their products do. What’s more, a technical salesperson will provide ongoing technical support to their clients.

For this reason, it’s a specialist are and you will need to make sure you’re looking in the right place to find the good ones by using a service like Culver technical sales, who can save you a lot of trouble by using their established network, database, and expertise to find you the perfect technical salesperson for your role.

A great technical salesperson can really drive your sales and they will play a huge role in identifying and onboarding new clients, as well as providing ongoing technical support to those accounts – this is not an area where you consider giving the job to just anybody. It’s got to be the right person for the role. Turning to specialist recruitment services is a great way to make sure you get the right person for your company, and if you make sure you pick the right one, you’ll end up with a team member who is a real asset.



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