What Makes an Excellent Leader?

What Makes an Excellent Leader?

Everyone wants to be a good leader, including many people who are already leaders. Becoming a good leader is one of the most challenging tasks anyone can take on, but it’s not impossible. According to entrepreneur Alexander Djerassi, this article explains qualities that make an excellent leader in business.

1. The excellent leader is a good planner.

A leader needs to create a vision of where the organization is going and set clear goals. The leader then needs to communicate that vision and those goals to the rest of the team effectively.

2. An excellent leader leads by example.

The best leaders are those who do what they ask others to do, both in terms of their performance and behavior. Entrepreneur Alexander articulates that “Very often, leaders act as if everything is okay, and they try to hide their own problems.”

3. An excellent leader knows how to get things done.

The best way to lead is by getting things done, not by doing them himself, but rather by motivating others to do them. A great leader can point people in the right direction and get them moving in that direction without having to do all the work themself.

4. An excellent leader is honest and trustworthy.

To be a good leader, one has to be trustworthy. People will not follow someone they don’t trust. Djerassi says, “Whenever possible, I try to be honest with the people in my leadership and make them feel that what we are trying to achieve is best for us.”

5. An excellent leader continually strives for perfection.

Good leaders do not accept mediocrity from themselves or their team members. They will strive to constantly look at their performance in the areas they are responsible for and work to improve these performance areas by communicating these improvements effectively to the rest of their team.

6. A good leader knows how to delegate.

The best leaders know how to delegate tasks and responsibilities to maximize the team’s effort while also ensuring that everyone is making progress toward the organization’s goals. The expert Djerassi states that “Good leaders know when not to interfere in a project and allow their team members space and insight.”

7. An excellent leader has a positive attitude.

An excellent leader doesn’t look at obstacles in the way as problems but rather as opportunities to get better at what they do and better at leading their team. Alexander Djerassi states, “Never give up on yourself or your team.”

8. An excellent leader is a good coach and facilitator.

An excellent leader is a good coach and facilitator. Djerassi explains that “Good leaders understand that every person on the team is different and that treating people equally doesn’t always mean treating them the same.”

9. An exceptional leader has strong emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is an important quality in an excellent leader because it allows the leader to be aware of what others are feeling and respond appropriately to these feelings, which generates trust.


A good leader must have many qualities. The ten that this article has highlighted are some of the most important ones. If you want to be a successful leader, use these nine qualities to guide your leadership development. While you may not be able to acquire all of the qualities at once, strive to improve one at a time, and you will build your skills as a leader over time.


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