What is NFT gaming?

Welcome to the new and exciting sphere of the gaming industry, where playing games now means you will walk out with a profit just by playing a play-to-earn game. Sounds too easy? Well, this is exactly what we are seeing, aided by the smart use of blockchain technology. 

Cross-industry cooperation between gaming and blockchain tech is already proving itself to be a spectacular choice of partnership. Gamers around the globe, professional or casual, are hopping onto the trend, earning money as they play, joining NFT marketplaces as successful sellers, and broadening the scope, benefits, and possibilities of the traditional gaming industry. 

While some may be hesitant to give this idea a go due to the established familiarity with traditional gaming, we are already seeing an immense number of stories that are proving that all of the hype around this concept is well-deserved and still in its blooming stages. 

What are NFT games? 

It might help to kick this off with something that is probably a familiar example. Let’s take a look at SolChicks, a record-breaking fantasy P2E game whose well-designed gameplay built around adorable-looking SolChicks battle chickens has captured massive attention and play.

It has everything from battles, raids, captured planets, intergalactic searches, mean-looking chicks, and, of course, a related chicks coin. Anchored on the Solana blockchain, it is an amazing gaming experience powered by $CHICKS tokens. 

To fully grasp what NFT games are and how they work, we will rewind just for a second and go back to explaining the concept of NFTs. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets, bought or sold for cryptocurrency, that come with a clear trace of ownership and accompanying data on specs, enshrined with a digital signature that makes it different even from an exact-looking non-fungible token. 

Why is this so important? Unlike traditional games, where the game developers or companies are the sole owners of everything that the game is combined from, NFT games are vastly different. The things that you obtain or get rewarded with while playing the game are uniquely and solely yours and, as such, yours to handle in any way that you wish. 

How do NFT games work? 

You’ll be happy to hear this one. How NFT games work, in short, is that they allow you to make money as you play. In doing that, you will come across and grab unique collectibles, things like experience, consumables, generally tradable assets, as well as characters. 

Another big thing in this advancement is the fact that there is also a possibility to earn and get tokens within the game itself. All of these carry their worth that you can get in crypto value, which can then be easily exchanged for real-world money. It does pay off.

What all of this means is that gamers throughout the globe are stepping up and taking on a new role as in-game asset owners and not just players who do not have the opportunity for a payoff for all the time and effort that they pour into playing a certain game. 

How do NFT games make money?

In addition to the possible options laid out above, another crucial possibility of making money as a player is completing different raids, missions, battles, and objectives while playing the game. In this manner, you can get cryptocurrency rewards. 

Of course, with different games being set up differently, you will want to take some time to check out the specifics of money-making for a particular game you are interested in. 

Regardless, all of the NFT games are set up in a manner in which making money as an individual, even casual, a player is now a very real and attainable opportunity. Ready to give it a go? Enjoy, earn, and have yourself a good game!



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