What are the 5 highest ranking Military Medals?

Earning a medal in the United States Military is a rare honor. When you see someone being given one of the top medals, you can be sure something very brave and heroic had to happen. But, what are the five top Medals of America? Everyone has heard of the Medal of Honor, and it goes without saying this is one of the most prestigious awards that can be granted in the US Military. But, there are several more top medals I would like to shine a light on, as well as get into depth about the Medal of Honor itself. Please read ahead for more info in the following article titled What are the 5 highest ranking Military Medals?

The most prestigious of all U.S. military decorations is the Medal of Honor (sometimes informally called the “Congressional Medal of Honor”). It is the highest medal any U.S. service member can receive. Since being created in 1861 during the Civil War, only the very best soldiers have been awarded this medal for fighting on the battlefield against enemies of the United States. The United States Army, Navy, and AIr Force all have their own versions of the medal. The President of the United States himself or herself awards the medal personally. Many of these Medals are given to family members of the deceased recipient, as he, or she, were killed in the line of duty, thus earning the highest honor of the nation.

The next highest award is the Distinguished Service Cross. The award was established by President Woodrow Wilson in 1918 to acknowledge the sacrifice and bravery of American forces involved in World War I. The Medal is awarded for exemplary heroism in conflict. The only other criteria is this medal is awarded only when the extremely high threshold for the Medal of Honor is not reached. The United States of America’s Distinguished Service Cross is second only to that highest of honors, so it is indeed rare to be given this prestigious award.

The third highest medals to be awarded are the Air Force and Navy Cross. This Medal is rare, just like the Medal of honor, and the Distinguished Service Cross. Only awarded for extraordinary acts of heroism, the bar to receive this Medal is set high. Many recipients are awarded this Medal for acts of bravery on the battlefield, and some are even given this award posthumously, after giving their lives for the nation. It was later added that soldiers could also be given the Navy Cross, or Air Force Cross, while serving in a foreign conflict against enemies who have some hostilities with the United States.

Earning these Medals is one of the most patriotic things any American can do, and putting the medal on display is a no-brainer. There are great websites where you can get replicas of the Medal of Honor or any of the top medals for your display, and they will even engrave your medal to match the original, if one exists. These replica medals are great if you have multiple family members who would like to display their families patriotism. And who wouldn’t be proud to have such a high honor in a frame and on display? You can find these medals online by searching for whichever medal you are looking for, and you can even get just about any medal, ribbon or cross ever given out by the United States Military. These medals are truly a great way to show your love for this great nation, and if you have the honor of having a family member who earned one of these top medals, you can make a great display of tribute for their sacrifice to the nation.


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