WATCH protesters soak in hot tub near country’s parliament — Analysis

In Ottawa’s winter, naked men have an outdoor shower to protest the Covid-19 restrictions.

Demonstrators involved in the Freedom Convoy protest in the Canadian capital have come up with many attention-grabbing ways to express their disagreement with the government’s handling of the pandemic. When an inflatable hot tub was found at the precinct of Parliament last week, it literally brought about a boil to the boiling point.

Jean-Philippe and Gabriel, two men from Quebec, have been enjoying a soak in their portable jacuzzi on Wellington Street for several days, in spite of the freezing temperatures and snowstorms. According to reports, they installed the hot tub in Ottawa during trucker-led protests. Police have not yet provided towels for them. 

They are becoming increasingly popular on social media and inviting other people to join them in opposing lockdowns or vaccine mandates.

My hot tub is missing me! I’ve been here for 15 days, I’m bringing my suit down,” a sympathizing man said.

Since last month thousands have taken over the Canadian capital, arriving in trucks or helping the drivers. Barbecue and dance parties have been happening since downtown, with bouncy castles erected in between the huge vehicles, as protesters claim they are there to stay unless certain Covid curbs implemented by Justin Trudeau’s government are lifted. 

While no direct action was taken to stop the peaceful demonstration for several days, some online videos show law enforcement showing kindness and cooperation with demonstrators. Prime Minister Trudeau, however, used rare emergency powers this week to help the participants of the truck protest, and their families financially. 

Ottawa police crackdown on protesters

Two Freedom Convoy organizers were detained on Thursday. Police reinforcements have also been advancing into the city to erect fencing in downtown attempts to stop the protest.

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