WATCH Israeli soldiers set dog on unarmed Palestinian — Analysis

An initial military investigation revealed that the dog had been muzzled, and the guard was only able to set the animal on him in order to scare him.

Israel’s security forces have drawn condemnation after video surfaced of soldiers setting a military attack dog on a Palestinian man who appeared to have surrendered during a night-time arrest last week. Video shows the dog sprinting towards the man and jumping on him, while his hands are behind his back.

Haaretz reports that Israel Defense Forces (IDF), confirmed that the incident took place in Al-Bireh on the West Bank, near Ramallah. The paper noted that the Palestinian Authority’s prisoners commission had identified the detainee as Malik Maala, a 19-year-old who works at one of the factories in the city’s industrial area.

Maala is seen being subdued and arrested by soldiers in the one-minute clip. The clip was uploaded on Wednesday. Haaretz was told by the IDF that Maala had been put down and released only to fear him. According to reports, soldiers reached the area and ordered Maala out to surrender before the assault began.

Following a preliminary investigation, the military concluded that the soldiers’ actions were in keeping with the proper rules of conduct, Haaretz reported. The troops were reportedly afraid that Maala – apparently labeled as an important target – would attempt to escape.

Unnamed IDF spokesperson claimed that Maala wasn’t hurt during his arrest, and that he was being investigated for involvement in terrorist activities. In a statement by the Palestinian prisoners commission, Maala claimed that he was working as guard in the facility for money to pay university fees.

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Description of the “distressful and cruel”Assist as “barbaric act,”The commission stated that it was “more proof that clarifies the ongoing methods of the occupation aiming at breaking the will of our people to build a successful and stable future.”The newspaper also criticised the “absence”Various human rights organisations “[defend] the minimum rights”Palestinians.

Maala was arrested and taken to another unspecified location, according to the commission. It also noted that Maala’s family hadn’t received any information as of Thursday’s statement.

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