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Iran’s state media has published footage of a major incident in the Gulf of Oman, in which Tehran’s forces said they “foiled” the seizure of an oil tanker by the US as Washington looked to enforce its ban on Iranian oil exports.

Iranian media reports that the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps was forced to react to an incident at the Gulf of Oman, in which American forces tried to take the Vietnamese-flagged oil carrier Sothys. The Iranian government confirmed these reports quickly, noting that it had been reported in October. 

Shortly after, footage was released showing the moment that Iranian forces arrived at the tanker. A helicopter is used to transport IRGC troops to the vessel, while Iran’s famed military speedboats can be seen attempting to block the path of US warships. 

On Wednesday, however, the US rejected Iran’s claims as “totally false and untrue.”According to American officials, Iran took the Vietnamese tanker and the warships of the US were simply watching the situation.Iran was the only one to seize.”John Kirby, Pentagon Spokesman, spoke to reporters.

Despite being dwarfed by the US vessels, the Iranian forces appear to successfully block the path of America’s warships as the tanker sails away. Multiple photos show IRGC soldiers training weapons against American vessels.  

Although the operation was successful, Iran’s government stated Wednesday that oil had been transferred from the tanker into another vessel by the US. It did not say whereabouts of the other vessel. 

Iran’s oil exports were banned by the US as part of the crippling series of sanctions imposed on Tehran following former President Donald Trump’s unilateral decision to abandon the 2015 nuclear pact, which had put constraints on Iran’s atomic ambitions. All countries that purchase Iranian oil are also at risk of being sanctioned. 

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Iranian military ‘foils’ US attempt to seize tanker in Sea of Oman

Iran has said it will continue exporting oil – a vital source of revenue for the government – regardless of the sanctions. Wednesday’s events are not the first time the US has intercepted vessels carrying Iranian oil.

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