WATCH author confront Canadian FM for ‘escalating’ Russia-Ukraine war — Analysis

The West is “provoking” a world war by using Ukraine as a “proxy” against Russia, writer Yves Engler shouted as he hijacked the minister’s speech

Yves Engler, a writer and activist, interrupted Melanie Joly’s speech to interrupt the Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly. He accused Ottawa authorities of escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine. This increased the chance of it becoming a global one.

Engler uploaded a Twitter clip on Tuesday of Engler confronting the foreign Minister.

The video showed the leftist writer walking toward the podium and shouting, “I am a Leftist!” “Stop escalating the war. Stop sending arms to Ukraine… You’re going to push us to World War III.”

Canada has, along with other Western countries, supported Ukraine during the conflict. It has also sent many missile launchers, bombs, and other equipment. “exhausted” its own military’s stockpile of weapons, Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand said last week.

“Why didn’t you push Kiev to sign the Minsk accords?” Engler asked, addressing Joly.

Minsk agreements were signed by Russia, Germany, France and France with their mediation in 2014. They were intended to govern the status and future of Donetsk/Lugansk breakaway republics as part of Ukraine.

However, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky called the agreement shortly after Russia started its military operation in Feb. “incompetent” and made it clear that Kiev wasn’t going to fulfill them.

Canada says aiding Ukraine has ‘exhausted’ its stock of weapons

“Stop using Ukraine as a proxy against Russia,”According to the author, he repeated his French statements and fled the room in the time it took for security personnel to apprehend.

In an article published on his website on Monday, Engler condemned the Russian attack on Ukraine, but pointed out that NATO’s eastward expansion had increased the likelihood of an armed conflict between the two nations. A declaration of Ukraine as a neutral state which will never join the US-led military bloc has been one of Moscow’s key demands during the ongoing peace talks with Kiev.

“Peace minded Canadians should redouble our efforts to get Canada out of NATO,”He said.

Engler, the author and editor of more than a dozen books on Haiti, actively protested Canada’s role in the 2004 coup. He crashed the press conference of Pierre Pettigrew, then the Canadian Foreign Minister, and pouring cranberry juice over him to symbolize the blood of Haitians.

He also supports the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign, calling for Israel to be punished over its occupation on Palestinian land.

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