Washington ‘strongly opposes’ West Bank settlement expansion as Israel moves forward with thousands of new homes — RT World News

US expressed “strong opposition” to the Israeli government’s plan to expand settlements on the occupied Palestinian territory. Tel Aviv has placed tender for 1300 homes, and it is anticipated that Tel Aviv will approve another 3,000.

US Department of State has condemned Tel Aviv’s new effort to increase its settlement program. It stated that the move was a detriment to peace efforts, and made it even more difficult for the US to reach a two-state solution.

We are concerned by the Israeli government’s plans to move thousands of settlement units into the West Bank tomorrow (Wednesday),Ned Price, spokesperson State Department, spoke at a briefing Tuesday.

We are strongly opposed to the expansion of settlements. This is contrary to efforts to reduce tensions and ensure calm and damages prospects for a solution that involves two states.

Washington’s condemnation of Israeli settlement activity comes after Tel Aviv launched a new plan for expanding its illegal settlements within the occupied Palestinian territory. The country published on Sunday a tender to build more than 1,300 houses for Israeli settlers.

Israeli officials are expected to also approve construction of another 3,000 homes this week. According to a schedule released by Civil Administration’s Planning Committee, Wednesday is the scheduled date for the construction of this project. It would also be the first time Israel had approved a plan for new settlements under its Biden administration as well as the Israeli government after Netanyahu.

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While the settlement program is a key issue in Israeli foreign policies, it does not affect its close relations with Washington. The international community recognizes the unlawful practice of setting up Palestinian territory, which has been under Israeli occupation since the 1967 Six-Day War. Tel Aviv continues to expand settlements and approves new housing for Israeli settlers, despite repeated international condemnations.

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