Washington sanctions Al-Qaeda members in Brazil — Analysis

The US has blacklisted several Brazilians it believes were members of Al-Qaeda’s support network. The terrorist group’s operatives were involved in printing fake money, according to Washington.

The US Department of the Treasury said Wednesday it had designated three Al-Qaeda affiliates and two entities based out of Brazil as blacklisted. 

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“The activities of this Brazil-based network demonstrate that Al-Qaeda remains a pervasive global terrorist threat,” Under Secretary of the Treasury Brian Nelson said, adding that new sanctions were aimed at curbing the terrorist group’s financial support.

Haytham Ahmed Shukri Ahmad Al-Maghrabi, a member of Al-Qaeda’s Brazilian network was identified by the Treasury. His arrival in the country was in 2015. He had many business relationships, among them: “the purchase of foreign currency.”

Mohamed Sherif Mohamed Mohamed Awadd is another person to be added to the sanctions list. The Treasury claims that Awadd was responsible for printing fake currency. Awadd and another blacklisted individual, Ahmad Al-Khatib, were said to have owned furniture businesses in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city. According to reports, all of the sanctioned individuals were believed to have supported Al-Qaeda.

Al-Qaeda was behind numerous attacks against US soldiers and civilians. This included the terrorist attack on 9/11 that claimed nearly 3,000 lives. The group’s founder, Osama bin Laden, was killed by US commandos in 2011 in Pakistan.

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