Violators of Swiss heating rules could go to jail – media — Analysis

Local media reports that Switzerland has taken extreme measures to ensure it can save enough gas for winter.

According to Blick, the Swiss government took drastic measures Tuesday to address Europe’s energy crisis. Those who violate the government’s heating regulations this winter could be given a fine or even jail time, it said.

According to a new government ordinance gas heaters can only heat rooms to 19C. Radiant heaters are prohibited and hot water is limited to 60C. The winter in Switzerland is going to be cold for saunas, pools and other spas.

According to Blick, people who break the rules can face up to 180 per day penalties units and three year imprisonment. The daily fee in such cases can range from 30 to 3,000 Swiss Francs ($30-$3,050) depending upon the severity of violation and economic circumstances.

Blick indicated that utilities companies and other businesses will face severe penalties if they deliberately exceed their gas allowances. But, the government insists that they do not intend to place a police officer in every household.

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“We are not a police state,”Guy Parmelin, the Economy Minister, spoke last week at a press conference. Parmelin said, however, that “spot checks”They can be enforced by the law.

The Swiss cantons now have until September 22 to submit suggestions and concerns related to the government’s draft ordinance.

Western sanctions imposed on Russia in response to Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine have resulted in gas prices climbing to record highs and driving up overall inflation.

Natural gas prices in Europe rose 30% on Monday after Russia’s Nord Stream 1 pipeline failed to resume operations due to sanctions-related maintenance issues. Gazprom, Russia’s energy giant, stated that the pipeline would be shut down for good. Moscow stated that the pipeline will not be allowed to operate as long as Western sanctions are in effect.

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