Videos of planes struggling to land during storm go viral — Analysis

Big Jet TV has been viewed by 200,000 people as Heathrow planes attempt landing amid Storm Eunice.

Big Jet TV, which was live-streamed from Heathrow Airport, became a surprise hit as Storm Eunice made landfall in the UK and Ireland. 

Over the past six years, Big Jet TV has gained a large following by recording movements of aircraft at major airports. Big Jet TV is often rated highest during severe weather conditions, when landing commercial planes can be difficult.

On Friday, as Storm Eunice battered the south of England and Ireland, the channel garnered around 200,000 viewers as it broadcast planes landing from outside Heathrow, Europe’s busiest airport. 

Some footage showed that the airport in west London was struggling to receive planes. 

Big Jet TV’s appeal is partially due to its founder and host, Jerry Dyer, who frequently praises the pilots and ground teams for their hard work and getting the planes to land safely in difficult conditions.

“I think this guy’s gonna struggle. He’s all over the place. We’re here, we’re there. Easy, easy. He’s down!”Dyer spoke as an Air Algiers aircraft wobbled onto Heathrow’s runway.

On Friday, wind gusts of up to 122mph were recorded along the UK’s south coast. Many UK airports cancelled flights.

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