Video shows man directly hit by thunderbolt — Analysis

Local media reported that CCTV video in Jakarta captured the rescue of a Jakarta security officer who was struck by lightning.

As a guard at a heavy machine company in Jakarta’s north, the 35-year old was working when lightning struck.

The video was shared by an Indonesian media firm and reposted to social media. It shows the man walking under an umbrella in the rain with large military vehicles in the vicinity. He enters the frame about 15 seconds later. A blast and sparks are visible in the same spot where he was walking. After that, the footage captures him lying on wet ground. People run towards him when he fails to rise.

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According to local media, the incident took place earlier this week. On Sunday, police confirmed that news.

Detik News reports that the man, who had suffered from burns to both his hands and arms, survived. The man was treated initially at the hospital but is currently recovering at home. It is believed the guard’s walkie-talkie, which he had in his hands, attracted the lightning discharge. 

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Geographic location is a key factor in the chance of you being struck by lightning. As an example, hundreds die annually from lightning in India while the average death in America is 50. The survivors may be subject to severe burns, cardiac arrest and permanent brain damage. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, thunderbolts are more common in men than they are for women. Around 85% of all lightning deaths are caused by men. An umbrella can increase the chance of receiving a direct hit because it increases the possibility that you will be targeted.

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