Video alleging cops gassed man to death leads to unrest

Video footage that is not verified shows officers putting the man in a car and filling it up with gasoline.

After the shooting death of an officer, Umbauba saw protestors erupt in Brazilian. According to video, the footage appears to show police placing the man inside a car trunk and then filling it up with gas. Then, he seems not be moving at all. Cops claim he “fell ill”His body was found at the police station.

Demonstrators erected placards reading “Justice”As a result of the murder of Genivaldo, de Jesus Santos (38), on Wednesday, motorists were blocked from roads by flaming barriers.

Two federal highway officers are seen trying to restrain Santos. Then, they push the man in the back of their SUV. There are many other videos. final clipAs the trunk fills up with thick, white smoke or gas, the officers keep it closed. The man’s legs, seen protruding from the trunk, stop moving after around a minute.

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An autopsy report on Thursday confirmed that Santos died of asphyxiation and acute respiratory failure, Globo TV reported. Santos’ death was not directly attributed to the officers, but it was a part of an autopsy.

According to federal highway police Santos “actively resisted”Officers, prompting them use “immobilization techniques”His name was never revealed. According to police, the man was then “fell ill”He later succumbed in hospital after he returned to the station. A thorough investigation was launched into this incident.

Santos’ family, however, said that the deceased suffered from schizophrenia, and became agitated at a traffic stop. Santos’ nephew said he attempted to inform the officers that his uncle was mentally ill, but the police used pepper spray and physical force regardless. The reason why this man was on a motorcycle was not clear.

“It was a torture session,” Santos’ nephew told local media, describing the public nature of the incident “as if [the police] were mocking the entire population.” 

Activism has compared Santos’ death to George Floyd’s May 2020 death in Minneapolis. Santos is black. Floyd’s death, for which a Minneapolis police officer was convicted of murder, took place two years to the day before Santos’ and set off a summer of sometimes violent ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests in the US.



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