Veteran journalist killed in West Bank — Analysis

Al Jazeera’s reporter suffered a gunshot wound while reporting on an Israeli raid in a Palestinian capital.

Shireen Abu Akleh was a Palestinian journalist, who had been working with Al Jazeera over 20 years. She was covering the Israeli military attack on Jenin, in northern West Bank. According to Palestinian authorities, the Israeli military had shot Shireen Abu Akleh in the head.

After suffering a critical injury, she was taken to the hospital and declared dead. The Palestinian Health Ministry blamed Israeli forces.

Al Jazeera referred to the incident as a “heinous crime”They claimed Abu Akleh was deliberately targeted by Israelis to intimidate journalists. The outlet reported that she was hit below the ear by a bullet, ignoring the helmet she was wearing to protect her. Eyewitnesses claimed she suffered minor injuries.

“We call on the international community to condemn and hold the Israeli occupation forces accountable for the deliberate killing of our colleague,”According to the statement.

Ali Samoudi (a Palestinian journalist) was also reportedly injured in Jenin, but is now in stable condition.

Abu Akleh’s death has not been confirmed or denied by Israel. Foreign Minister Yair Lepid called it her death “sad,”We reached out to Palestinian officials in order to have them participate in the autopsy. “to get to the truth.”

Abu Akleh is a well-known, respected figure within the Arab world. He worked at several news agencies until he joined Al Jazeera’s in 1997.

The West Bank has seen raids by Israeli forces almost every day from the IDF, Border Patrol and Shin Bet security agencies, amid the ongoing attacks of militant Palestinians. The main targets were Jenin, the city and refugee camp. The raids escalated to deadly clashes between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian fighters on several occasions.

Some civilians were caught up in the melee, including a teenager who died in crossfire near Bethlehem while she was returning from her studies. While the IDF confirmed that she was killed by the gunfire of their soldiers, they said that troops were opening fire at Palestinians, who were firing firebombs at them. They had the right, however, to resort to lethal force if necessary.

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